[macOS only] When launching or creating a new document, if your Illustrator 2021 (version 25.0) crashes or freezes, follow the resolution described below.

Do a quick check

  • Are any of the following fonts present in the font folders on your computer:
    • Courier Condensed Bold.ttf
    • CottonWood-SemiBold.ttf
    • Umbra-thin.ttf 

If yes, follow the resolution mentioned here.

  • Are you using a Wacom device with your macOS? If yes, then follow the resolution mentioned here.
  • If none of the above is present, see this page to learn about how to identify and troubleshoot common crash issues in Illustrator.


Based on the reason of the crash, follow the resolution steps mentioned below. 

Resolution: Crash due to TrueType fonts

Do one of the following:

  • Disable the font through the macOS Font Book and restart Illustrator.
  • Remove the font from your computer and then restart Illustrator.

To know how to remove or disable fonts in Font Book on macOS, see Apple's support documentation.

Resolution: Crash due to Wacom device

  1. Ensure you have the latest Wacom driver installed on your computer. To get the latest Wacom driver, click here.
  2. If the issue persists with the latest Wacom driver, uninstall Wacom from your computer, including Wacom touch driver and Pen Tablet driver.
    To know how to uninstall Wacom driver on macOS for a Pen Tablet, Pen Display, or Pen Computer, see Wacom's support documentation.
    See also: Troubleshoot Illustrator issues when using a Wacom device.

Issue still not resolved?

If the crash still persists, see the Fix Illustrator crash and recover your documents article to learn about the common Illustrator crash issues and their possible resolutions.

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