Illustrator feature summary (December 2023 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the December 2023 release of Illustrator on the desktop (version 28.1).

Try out the latest features and enhancements.

Measure and plot dimensions effortlessly

The Dimension tool lets you easily measure and plot dimensions within your design, such as distances, angles, and radii. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance, unit, and scale of the dimensions. Learn more about the Dimension tool.

Revisit reviewers' comments with ease

Share for review lets you mark reviewers' comments as unread, allowing you to return to them quickly at a later time. Learn more about how to organize your feedback comments.

Explore enhancements inspired by your feedback

We're committed to continually improving to meet your changing needs. Based on your feedback, here are the enhancements to Illustrator in the December release.

Add prefixes to asset names during export for better file management

You don't have to manually insert numbers as prefixes to artboard and asset names after export to order them correctly in the folder. Illustrator now supports adding artboard numbers, increasing numbers, or custom text as prefixes when exporting them. Learn more about how to add prefixes to artboard and asset names.

Unembed multiple images at once

You can simultaneously convert multiple embedded images in your artwork into linked images and place them all in the same folder. Learn more about how to unembed images.

Delete linked and embedded objects with ease

You can now delete linked and embedded objects from your artwork using the Delete Link   button in the Links panel.

Save object selection for future use

With Save Selection, you can select multiple objects and save the selection for later use. You can then use this saved selection to move the objects together or to change their appearance just like you'll do with a group object. However, unlike grouping, Save Selection selects the objects without bringing them all to the same layer. Learn more about how to save and update a selection.

Use A5 preset for creating documents

You can now use the A5 preset in the Print preset section to create documents.

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