Illustrator feature summary (February 2024 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the February 2024 release of Illustrator on the desktop (version 28.3).

Try out the latest features and enhancements.

Measure and plot dimensions effortlessly

The Dimension tool lets you easily measure and plot dimensions such as distance, angle, and radius within your artwork. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance, unit, scale, etc., of the dimensions. Learn more about the Dimension tool.

Experience an enhanced Retype workflow

Retype now features distinct Match Font and Edit Text functionalities. Match Font automatically identifies the text within images and outlined text and provides matching fonts. In instances where text isn't identified, you can adjust the marquee that appears and fit it around the text to get its matching fonts. Edit Text lets you edit text within images and outlined text using a matching font. Learn more about Retype.

Generate patterns with a refined color scheme

You can specify up to 12 colors to refine the output you generate using Text to Vector Graphic > Pattern. Learn more about Text to Vector Graphic.

Pin the Contextual Task Bar for a persistent context

You can now pin the Contextual Task Bar to a position of your choice, ensuring it remains in the same spot even if you change your object selection or document. This persistent behavior lets you instantly access the relevant tools and actions and accelerate your creative workflows. Learn more about the Contextual Task Bar.

Explore enhancements inspired by your feedback

We're committed to continually improving to meet your changing needs. Based on your feedback, here are the enhancements to Illustrator in the February release.

Enhance designs with customizable stars

The stars that you create using the Star tool are now live shapes — you can adjust their properties to meet your unique design requirements. Use the intuitive on-shape widgets or the Properties or Transform panel to effortlessly tweak the number of sides, inner and outer radius, and inner and outer corner radius of your stars. Learn more about modifying stars.

Gain more control over object selection

With the new enclosed mode, you can now select only the objects that are completely inside the marquee.  As you drag the marquee, just press E once to switch to the enclosed mode. Learn more about the enclosed mode.

Format fonts with ease using keyboard shortcuts

With the new keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly format your text to bold, italic, or underline. Learn more about formatting fonts.

Add text without default hyphenation

When you create a new document in Illustrator, text hyphenation is off by default.

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