Feature summary | Illustrator on the iPad (October 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2021 release of Illustrator on the iPad (version 2.0).

Blend objects with the Blend tool

Illustrator on your iPad lets you blend objects when creating logos or illustrations. You can Modify blended objects using on-canvas controls, blend options, or touch shortcuts to provide more definition to your object. Furthermore, you can add blends to paths and give a creative touch to your calligraphic and artistic banners.

For more details, see Blend objects on the iPad.

Convert raster images to vector art

  Vectorize (Technology Preview)

We would like you to try out the Vectorize feature and provide feedback. Please note that the feature is in Technology Preview and hence some of the capabilities would evolve, including performance and streamlined workflows across iPad and desktop. 

You can now convert raster images or sketches to vector art with a tap of your finger. Draw a sketch, capture an image, place it on canvas, vectorize, and edit it like any other vector art in Illustrator on the iPad.


For more details, see Convert raster images to vector art.

Transform complex shapes with Shape transform tool

Powered by Adobe Sensei

Analyze and adjust the geometric structure of complex shapes in Illustrator on the iPad with the Shape transform tool. You can modify similar curves and lines easily without manually adjusting the anchor points.

For more details, see Draw and edit shapes.

Stylize paths with Paint brush tool

You can stylize and draw paths to create cool calligraphies. The Paint brush tool in Illustrator on the iPad gives you the ability to apply a brush style to an object, personalize art and calligraphic brushes, and add your brushes to Favorites.

For more details, see Draw and edit paths.

Seamless reviews with commenting

You can share a link to your artwork with any collaborators or team members. Using the link, they can now view your artwork, share feedback and you can review comments in the shared document for seamless collaboration.


Place linked cloud documents

You can bring linked PSD cloud files from Fresco or Photoshop to Illustrator on the iPad. Update or relink your PSD cloud files and embed them onto your artboard when you want to edit the file.


Rulers and Guides

You can now use rulers and guides in Illustrator on the iPad to place and measure objects accurately on the artboard. The Guides option lets you enable vertical and horizontal guides or customize them to work on your artwork conveniently.


For more details, see Illustrator on the iPad workspace.

Capture colors from built-in camera

Powered by Adobe Capture

Feel free to choose and add colors to your swatches using the built-in camera in Illustrator on the iPad.

 For more details, see Work with colors and gradients.

Other enhancements


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