Master the brochure basics by learning to create a 3 column document and setup typographic styles – in a minute!

Now try it yourself

1. Download practice files and create a new InDesign document.

2. Choose Create New... and select the Print tab.

3. With the A4 document preset selected, chose Landscape in the Orientation section on the PRESET DETAILS.

4. Uncheck Facing Pages.

5. Scroll down PRESET DETAILS, type 3 on the Columns section and 5mm on Column Gutter.

6. Expand the Margins section. Type 6.5mm on Top margin. All other values will automatically adjust to the same value, as they are chained together.

7. Expand the Bleed and Slug section and type 4mm on the Bleed section.

8. Click Create.

9. For easier placement of text and graphic we will add guides. Go to Layout > Create Guides and type 3 Rows with 5mm Gutter.  Click Ok.

Creating Typographic Styles

10. Select the Type Tool from the toolbar. Click and drag a rectangle in the middle column.

11. Enter some text or copy it from the practice file. On the Properties panel in the Character section chose your desired font, set 8 pt for font size and 12 pt for leading.

12. In the Paragraph section click on Align Center.

13. On the Properties panel in the Text Style section click on Create Style and enter a name for this paragraph style e.g. "Body" and hit Enter.

14. Enter the cursor in front of the first letter of your body text and hit two times Enter, then type in a title and mark it.

15. On the Properties panel in the Character section chose your desired font, set 12 pt for font size and 16 pt for leading.

16. In the Appearance section click on Fill and chose a title color. Like you did for the body text in step 13 create a new paragraph style and name it "Titles" and hit Enter.

17. Create one more paragraph style with font size 6 pt, tracking 100 and orange fill color.

18. From the toolbar chose the Selection Tool and adjust the text box width by clicking and dragging on the text box handles. You can also click inside the text box and place it wherever you want it in your document.


Tip: When you click and drag objects over your document guides will automatically appear to show you when you have reached e.g. the vertical center.

Place Images

19. From the toolbar select the Rectangle Frame Tool. Using your grid as a guideline draw a rectangle at the bottom of the left column.

20. From your practice files find the "AdobeStock_172752283.jpeg" file within the Links folder and drag it on the rectangle.

21. On the Properties panel in the Frame Fitting section try out the buttons to see which fit option you like best.

22. With the image selected, chose from the top menu Object > Effects > Gradient Feather.

23. On the Effects window set the Angle to 90°. Click on the Gradient Stops slider and enter 79%.


Tip: When you check the Preview checkbox on the Effects window you will get a preview of your changes right away.

24. Add the remaining text boxes and images to your document.

25. Draw a rectangle in size of the middle column. Double-click the foreground fill color on the toolbar and click on the eyedropper. Hold down the mouse button and sample the grey background color of photo.

26. The rectangle will overlay your text and image. Right-click the rectangle and chose Arrange > Send To Back.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a brochure in 60 seconds with InDesign. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithInDesign to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.






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