Learn how to animate a collage of images to create a moving mood board.

Now try it yourself

Open moving-mood-board_practice.indd from the practice files.


1. From the toolbar chose the Selection Tool and click on the palm tree image.

2. Click on Window -- Interactive and select Animation from the menu. 

3.  In the Animation pop-up window click on Preset. Then select Fly in from Top from the drop-down menu. Set Duration to 0,75 seconds.

4. From the Speed drop-down menu select Ease Out.


Tip: You can preview the animation by clicking on the left icon at bottom of the Animation window.

5. With the Selection Tool shift + click the flower image, the water drops next to the palm tree and the water image at the bottom right. On the Animation window chose Fly in from Bottom from the Preset drop-down menu.

6. With the Selection Tool shift + click the water on the left, the flatware and the black tiles at the bottom. This time select Fade In from the Animation Preset drop-down menu.

7.   With the Selection Tool shift + click the four rectangles on the right. From the Animation Preset drop-down menu select Fly in from Top. Set the Duration to 0,5 seconds.

8.  Use the Selection Tool and shift + click the white rectangle and the logo "La Concha Café".  Select Fly in from Left from the Preset drop-down menu.

9.  In the top menu click on Window -- Interactive then select Timing

10. On the Timing panel Control /Command  + click the palm leaves and the bubbles animation to select them. Then click on the Play together icon at the bottom of the Timing panel to animate items simultaneously. Repeat the steps with the remaining animations you want to play together.

11.  To preview the animation click Publish Online, accept the defaults, click Publish, then click View Document.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a moving mood board in 60 seconds with Illustrator. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithIllustrator to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.


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