Learn how to create your very own eye-catching ads from scratch – in just 60 seconds!

Now try it yourself

1. Download practice files and create a new InDesign document.

2. Choose Create New... and select the Print tab.

3. From the DOCUMENT PRESETS chose A4.

4. On PRESET DETAILS expand the Bleed and Slug section. Type 4mm on Top bleed. All other values will automatically adjust to the same value, as they are chained together.

5. Click Create.


Tip: The bleed will ensure that no unprinted edges occur. The bleed is the part on the sides of a document that gives the printer a small amount of extra space to account for movement of the paper.

6. On the toolbar select the Rectangle Frame Tool, click drag/draw a white rectangle covering the page and extending past the bleed lines.

7. From the practice files drag the "Art-Gelato.jpg" image onto the rectangle you have just created.

8. Click the Fill Frame Proportional icon in the Properties Panel to fit the background art to the rectangle.

Add graphical elements

9. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a small white bar on the top left.

10. On the Properties panel in the Appearance section click on the Fill icon and set fill color to white. Click on the Stroke icon and set fill color to none.

11. With the rectangle selected, click on the top menu Edit > Step and Repeat. On the Step and Repeat window set Count to 28 and Vertical Offset to 0 mm, then click OK.

12. On the toolbar select the Selection Tool, hold down the shift key and click on each rectangle to select it. Hit CTRL/Command + G to group them.

13. On the Properties panel in the Transform section enter 30° as Shear X Angel value.

14. In the Appearance section change Opacity to 75%.

Add images and text

15. From the practice files drag the "adobe_indesign_gelato_logo.png " and "adobe_indesign_gelato_phone.png" images outside your document, then place it.


Tip: When you place the images outside your document they will get imported at its original size and you avoid that the images get fit into an existing frame rectangle.

16. Select the Type Tool from the toolbar and draw a text box, then type "ARTISAN GELATO".

17. On the Properties panel in the Appearance section change Fill color to red and Stroke color to white, set the stroke width to 3 pt.

18. In the Character section set font size to 100 pt, font leading to 96 pt and tracking to 120.

19. In the Paragraph section chose Align Center.

20. On the toolbar chose the Selection Tool and select the text box again.

21. Click the fx icon on the Properties panel. From the dropdown menu chose Drop Shadow, change the shadow color to green and set Opacity to 57%, then click OK.

Add text emphasis

22. Add some more text to your document or copy it from the practice files.

23. Draw a white rectangle with no stroke in size of the text you want to highlight.

24. The rectangle will overlay your text. On the Properties panel in the Quick Actions section click Arrange > Send Backward.

25. Zoom into your document until you see the little yellow square handle and click on it.

26. The corner handles will change into yellow diamond. Click and drag the diamonds until the edges are curved.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create an advertisement in 60 seconds with InDesign. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithInDesign to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.


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