Learn how to publish and share InDesign documents online.

With a single click in the latest release of InDesign, Publish Online lets you publish any InDesign document online and share it on social networks, email, or as a standalone URL. You can also embed the document in any web page or blog.

The HTML version of your document can be viewed on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, providing a beautiful and simple online reading experience.

The online document also supports all the interactivity included in the InDesign document including video, audio, and animation.

Take a look at the published interactive document online.


Open Publish Online

With your desired InDesign document open, click the Publish Online button.

You can also choose File > Publish Online.

Publish Online button
Click the Publish Online button

Set up your document 

In the Publish Online Options dialog box that opens automatically, click the General tab.

If you are publishing your document for the first time, select Publish New Document and do the following:

  • Name the document you are publishing.  
  • Add a description of the document
  • Select the page range to publish
  • Select whether the viewer will see individual pages or spreads
  • Allow viewers to download a PDF copy of your document which they can distribute and upload manually.

Then click the Advanced tab to:

  • Select which image to display as your cover image 
  • Choose the format, resolution, and quality level for images within the document.

Click OK to start the publishing process. 

Note: To re-publish an existing document, select Update Existing Document in this window, and choose a document to update from the dropdown menu. Tip: Click View to see document details. Click OK to upload the document and re-publish to the same URL. Updated documents can be re-published to the same URL, or to another URL previously used to publish the document.

Publish Online Options dialog box General tab
Publish Online Options dialog box General tab

Publish your document 

Once the file has been uploaded, click View Document to view it in a browser.

You can also click Copy to copy the link to share it with others.

To share the online document on Facebook, Twitter, or email, click the buttons below.

View uploaded document
View the uploaded document, copy the link to share it, or share it on social media sites.

View and share your document

Once the document is published, you can view and navigate content in several ways, including:

  • Use the arrows to move forward or backward 
  • View interactive features
  • Zoom in or zoom out the pages
  • View thumbnails of the document
  • Get embed code to embed the document in a website

Once you're happy with the published document, share the URL with anyone using a hyperlink in email, or post it to Facebook and Twitter; or embed it in a website. 

View and navigate a document
View and navigate a document in several ways

Manage your published documents 

From File > Recently Published, you can access up to five recently published documents.

To view, manage, or delete your published documents, choose File > Web Dashboard, and select the published document you wish to share, embed or delete.


Manage your published documents
Manage your published documents

Get analytics about your published document

Once you have distributed your document, go to File > Web Dashboard and select Analytics to track views, unique readers, average time spent by visitors and data on which device was used to view your document.

Get analytics
Get analytics about your published document

Learn more about Adobe's desktop publishing software.

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