Resolve missing fonts issue


When you open a document, or import text or graphics, you receive the following error:

"The document [filename] uses fonts that are either currently unavailable on your computer or no longer supported in InDesign. Closing the dialog box will substitute the missing fonts with the default font."


  • The application displays a list of missing fonts with an alert message.
  • The missing fonts appear in the Missing section of the Font menu.
  • Text that uses the missing fonts could be highlighted in pink.

Solution 1: Install or activate the missing fonts.

Install the missing fonts in InDesign or InCopy. If the fonts are already installed, and you use a font management utility, make sure that the fonts are activated. If you use a font management utility, then consult the documentation included with the utility for instructions.

Solution 2: Install the font style or use only installed font styles.

InDesign and InCopy support only installed font styles. Some fonts, such as Critter, don't include bold or italic styles. In such cases, select the plain version of the font in InDesign or InCopy. Ensure that the font style (for example, Tekton Bold, Optima Oblique) is installed or change the font style to the one available in InDesign or InCopy.

Solution 3: Reinstall missing fonts

Make sure that the font appears in another application to verify that the font is installed correctly. If the font doesn't appear in another application, reinstall the font. After you install a font, it is sometimes necessary to restart the computer for the font to become available.

Solution 4: Replace missing fonts.

Use the Find/Replace Font dialog to replace each instance of the missing font with an installed font.

Follow these steps to replace a missing font:

  1. Select Type > Find/Replace Font.

  2. Select the missing font in the Find/Replace Font dialog.

  3. Select a new font style and font family from the Replace With menu.

  4. Select Find First, then Change, Change/Find, or Change All.

  • The Find/Replace Font dialog doesn't replace fonts contained in imported graphics. If the missing font is in a placed EPS or PDF file, install the missing font. Or, re-create the EPS or PDF file and embed the font.
  • Replacing a font can change the appearance of the document if the installed font takes up more or less space than the missing font.

Additional Information

InDesign and InCopy check for missing fonts when opening files or importing text or graphics. If the application cannot locate a font, it returns an alert and lists the font in the Missing section of the Font menu. By default, InDesign and InCopy highlight all text with a substituted pink font.

To disable this highlight, select File > Preferences > Composition (Windows) or InDesign > Preferences > Composition (macOS), and then deselect Substituted Fonts.

InDesign can find Adobe fonts in either the system-level fonts folder or the Adobe application-specific fonts folders.

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