Which Lightroom is right for me?

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a family of photo editing apps designed for photographers by photographers. Lightroom is both a library and a development tool that empowers you to edit, organize, store, and share your photos. Lightroom is the digital twin of darkrooms used by photographers to develop their photos.

Lightroom comes in two primary flavors: Lightroom Ecosystem and Lightroom Classic.


Lightroom Classic is a desktop app that allows you to organize and store your photos on a local hard drive, and still share them in a variety of ways.

An internet connection is not required to access your photos but is occasionally needed for licensing and syncing with Lightroom for mobile.

Lightroom Classic


Lightroom Ecosystem is a family of cloud-based apps that include: Lightroom for desktopLightroom for mobile, and Lightroom for Apple TV.

Lightroom ecosystem needs a fast internet connection to sync your photo collection across all your devices.

Lightroom desktop

What can Lightroom do for me?

Adobe Lightroom ecosystem and Lightroom Classic can help easily make your images look their best and will organize them effectively so you can find the right ones for the job.

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Which Lightroom should I use?


For a detailed feature comparison, see Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Ecosystem | Feature Comparison

Here are a few primary things to consider as you decide which version of Lightroom works for you:

Primary considerations Recommended app
Do you take a lot of raw photos and/or have terabytes of photos stored? Lightroom Classic
Do you prefer your photos to be stored on a local hard drive or network storage? Lightroom Classic
Do you want to use plugins to edit or organize your photos? Lightroom Classic
Do you prefer your photos to be backed up and stored on Adobe's cloud?
Lightroom Ecosystem
Do you have a fast and reliable internet connection? Lightroom Ecosystem
Do you want friends and family to be able to contribute to your photo albums? Lightroom Ecosystem

Download and try the Lightroom of your choice

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