See how to take the best photo with the Adobe in-app camera, with settings that optimize lighting, composition, and apply creative effects.

1. Open the Adobe in-app camera in Lightroom for mobile

Often when you go to capture that moment, the lighting conditions aren't ideal: An overcast sky, a room too dimly lit, or fluorescent lighting can ruin your photo.

The Adobe in-app camera in Lightroom for mobile helps you take better photos instantly with options to optimize lighting, apply creative effects, and set up your subject in your shot.

Open Lightroom for mobile on your mobile device.

Tap the Camera icon to open the Adobe in-app camera.

2. Select a white balance setting

White balance is a camera setting that adjusts for lighting in order to make the colors in your images as accurate as possible.

Tap the White Balance icon and then tap one of the options below.

  • Auto (AWB)
  • Incandescent (Light bulb), or Fluorescent (Horizontal light bulb) for indoor scenes
  • Daylight (Sun), or Overcast (Cloud) for outdoor scenes
  • Custom (Wrench) which you set by aiming your camera at a neutral-colored surface.

This photo was taken outdoors, so we selected the Daylight white balance option to to adjust for the outdoor lighting.

3. Compose your shot with an overlay grid

Several grid overlay options help you compose and frame your shot.

The Rule of Thirds grid aligns key areas of your subject for eye-catching composition; the Square grid is a square shape frame; and the Horizon Finder aligns your subject along the horizon.  

Tap the Grid icon and then tap the Rule of Thirds icon. Move your camera to align your subject according to the Rule of Thirds grid, to compose your photo.

4. Apply a shoot-through preset

Presets are custom recipes of adjustments that achieve a desired look. Apply a shoot-through preset to preview several specially-formulated looks on your photo before capturing it.

Tap the Preset icon.

Select a preset. Presets include High Contrast, Warm Shadows, High Contrast Black and White, or Flat Black and White. We applied a Warm Shadows preset to this photo.

After you capture your photo, you can adjust all the settings in the preset for the photo with full non-destructive capabilities, which means you can always return to your original photo.

Note: Creative filter presets are available on iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and later, as well as iPad 2, 3, and 4, iPad Air and later devices.

5. Capture the photo

Tap the Shutter button to capture a photo of your scene.

The Adobe in-app camera automatically saves your photo to your Lightroom Photos collection. Tap the arrow in the upper left-corner of the screen to view your photo collections.

Experiment with different settings

Try different settings in the Adobe in-app camera in Lightroom for mobile to create an amazing photo at capture.

Continue to refine and share your photos further in Lightroom for Mobile, or sync your collection to Lightroom CC for further edits.

If you don’t already have Lightroom CC for desktop, download it now. You can take your photos even further with Lightroom CC or Photoshop CC on the desktop with a free trial.


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