Manage marketing-related communications from Adobe

You can choose to receive marketing-related communications from Adobe differently from how you receive your account-related communications.

Depending on your preference, you can receive marketing communications on email, phone, or by post.

  1. Sign in to your Adobe account.

  2. Under Contact preferences, add or modify your phone or postal address.

    Add or modify phone and postal address


    To modify your email address, see Change primary email address (Adobe ID).

  3. Under The latest from Adobe section, select or deselect email, telephone, or postal mail according to your preference.


    In most countries, when you create your Adobe account, you are asked to opt in or opt out of email marketing communications. However, for both telephone and postal mail, you can opt in or opt out only after account creation- you see a hyphen next to them indicating that you haven't set permissions.

    Communication channels with a hyphen

    Are you in Germany?

    When you opt in for email marketing communications for the first time, you also receive an email asking you to approve the same. Until you approve, you see a hyphen next to Email indicating that it's pending your approval.