See how to quickly capture, create, and edit custom brushes, color themes, vector shapes and unique Looks to use in your designs.
Capture inspiration on the go.

Create production-ready assets from your mobile device with Capture CC. Save color themes, vector shapes, custom brushes and unique Looks made with Capture to your Creative Cloud Libraries and apply them to projects in other Adobe mobile and desktop apps.

For each feature, you can take a picture, use a photo from your gallery or camera roll, and access images from Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, or Market.

See which desktop and mobile apps Capture assets are compatible with.


Create a color theme

Turn an image into a color theme. Tap Colors, then tap the + icon. Move the color circles to adjust each color swatch. Tap the screen to freeze it so you can move individual color circles to adjust the theme.

Tap the Capture button. Enter a name for your color theme, and choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library. Then tap Save Color Theme.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Adobe Capture CC on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Turn objects into vector shapes

Convert an object or your entire photo into a vector graphic. Tap Shapes, then tap the + icon. Adjust contrast with the slider and tap the Capture button.

Switch between Keep in shape and Remove from shape and use your finger to add/remove elements to refine your shape. Tap Next, and let Capture draw smooth outlines to create your vector shape.

Tap Next and enter a name for your shape. Choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library, then tap Save Shape.

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Convert a photo into a brush

Turn your photo into a distinctive ribbon, scatter, or vector custom brush. Tap Brushes, then tap the + icon. Move the circle to remove background elements, and adjust the slider to refine your custom brush. Then tap the Capture button.

Crop your custom brush and tap Next. Choose a Brush Style and Tap Next.

Tap Edit Brush to change size, color, repetition, and make other adjustments. Tap Done, then tap Next and enter a name for your custom brush. Choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library, then tap Save Brush.

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Create a unique Look for your video

Capture color and light as you see it to create a custom Look you can use to enhance your video projects. Tap Looks, then tap the + icon. The cluster of bubbles shows the distribution of light and color in the scene you’ll capture in your Look. Tap the Capture button.

Your new Look is applied to a sample image. Tap a bubble to pick the dominant midtone color, and use the slider to adjust the overall intensity of the Look. Tap Next and enter a name for your Look. Choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library, then tap Save Look.

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Enhance your art and design projects

You can use your custom brushes, vector shapes, color themes, and Looks in compatible apps on any device to customize your creative projects.


Contributor: Sergiy Maidukov

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