Apply a 2D image to a 3D product mockup

Now try it yourself

1. Download the practice file and open "3d-model-wrapping.psd" in Photoshop.

Stage your product

2. With the layer named "Packaging graphic" selected, go to 3D > New Mesh From Layer > Mesh Preset > Soda to stage your packaging graphic on a 3D can. Photoshop will ask you if you would like to switch to the 3D workspace > Click Yes to continue. 

Close up of man's face and hair showing Select and Mask, the background is now showing as red


3. Switch from layers panel to 3D. In case you can’t see the 3D panel, choose Window > 3D.


4. Set the scene to Current View in the 3D panel.

An image of a flower has been added over the man's face


5. Select Orbit the 3D Camera in the top bar. The cursor shows a little orbit that enables you to spin the 3D model around. Now you can drag in different directions to change your view of the can within the space. Choose a view that displays a bit of the can´s top and the drop shadow.

Properties, View Mode is displayed and the flower is now to the side of the man's face


6. Next rotate the can so that the label inside faces the viewer directly. To do so, click on the can to show the 3D axis. Hover over the red y-axis marker until the yellow circle appears.

The man's face is now surrounded by two sets of flowers, and Layers > Curves is displayed


7. Drag to rotate the can until the label is centered.

Apply a realistic material

8. To finalize your mockup you can adjust the material settings of the can. Select Label_Material under the Soda category in the 3D panel and adjust the Properties in the panel above. Set Glow to 9% and Metallic to 16%.


9. Click the 3d cube icon at the bottom of the 3D panel to render your mockup. Rendering will take a while depending on your computer’s power. When the rendering process it finished you can save your mockup. 

The finished image of the man with flowers has been printed and framed, and is displayed on a table

That's it! Now it's your turn to apply a 2D image to a 3D product mockup in Photoshop. Download the assets or use your own and share your result on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithPhotoshop to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.

Download my practice assets.








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