Secure your image's attribution and history data with Content Credentials

Heavy snowfall covers three pyramids against a gray sky.

Content Credentials (Beta) is a developing feature in Adobe Photoshop that allows you to attach attribution and history data in your image. Choose which key details to include so your data will be securely attached to the image and viewable to your audiences wherever it goes.

Enabling Content Credentials in Photoshop 

To enable Content Credentials for your document, go to Window > Content Credentials (Beta) and click Enable Content Credentials. Once enabled, the panel will refresh and display attribution settings. Likewise, you can right-click on any open document tab and select Enable Content Credentials.  

You can also enable the feature by going to Preferences > History & Content Credentials > Content Credentials (Beta) Document Settings. We recommend selecting Enable for new and saved documents with Content Credentials to ensure all your edits and activities are captured to provide the most accurate history of how your image came to be. 

Photoshop Preferences menu displays Enable Content Credentials option.

Control the data you share

You can select which attribution and edit history actions to include using the Content Credentials (Beta) panel. Decide whether to share your name, connected accounts, and your edits and activity.

Select Preview at any time to see what information you will share with your audience and how your selections update your Content Credentials.

Content Credentials panel displays author, connected accounts, edits and activity selection options for exporting Photoshop documents.

Connect your accounts

You have the option to connect selected social media accounts and web3 addresses. This connects you to your content, provides an identity reference for people viewing your work, and can be used for NFT creative attribution on supported marketplaces. You’ll be asked to verify you own the accounts, and they can appear as links inside your Content Credentials.

Photoshop export menu displays Content Credentials cloud publishing option.

Exporting your content with Content Credentials

When your document is enabled with Content Credentials, go to Export As to see your export settings. In the Content Credentials (Beta) section, you can select Publish to Content Credentials cloud or Attach to file (JPG & PNG) to include Content Credentials with your images. Choosing None will not include Content Credentials with your exported image.

You can also select Preview to view how the Content Credentials will appear to others. When you’re ready, export your content as a JPEG or PNG. Your final image is good to go, with Content Credentials added.

To update the export default settings, go to Preferences > History & Content Credentials > Content Credentials (Beta) Export As Options. We recommend selecting Publish to Content Credentials cloud to ensure your attribution data is always protected, even if gets separated from your image.

Photoshop Preferences menu displays History & Content Credentials settings.

What is Content Credentials cloud?

Adobe’s Content Credentials cloud is a public, persistent storage for your attribution and history data. Publishing to this cloud will help keep your files smaller and make your Content Credentials more resilient. If the Content Credentials ever get stripped from your image, those stored in the cloud can be recovered through a search at

Files published to Content Credentials cloud are recovered, edits and activity are displayed.

View your Content Credentials on Verify

In your web browser, navigate to Choose your image to inspect your Content Credentials. This viewer can be used to check any image for its Content Credentials, see the overview of ingredients that made the image, and compare versions to understand the changes made to the image over time.

Content Credentials enabled on an AdobeStock image of pyramids against a blue sky display changes made over time.

If you need any help or have questions along the way, let us know in our forum.

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