Learn how to create a poster from an Adobe Stock template

Now try it yourself


1. Download practice images. We will download and open the Indie Rock Newspaper-Style Flyer template in Photoshop directly.

2. Click Create New from the left panel in Photoshop.

3. On the New Document window choose the Print category, then click on View All Presets +.

4. Scroll down to find the Indie Rock Newspaper-Style Flyer template, click it and select Download. Once the template has downloaded from Adobe Stock the Download button changes to an Open button.

5. In case there is a font used in the template, which is not available on your computer you might see a Missing Fonts dialog from Typekit. Click Resolve Fonts to download/synchronize the missing font to your computer, if necessary.

Replace headline text

6. Select the Type tool from the toolbar on the left hand side.

7. In the Layers panel on the right hand side, find the Text layer group and expand the Headline layer group by clicking on the little arrow, then select the INDIEROCK layer.

8. Double click the text INDIEROCK to highlight it and type "THREE AT TEN".

9. The headline is too big for the space, highlight the text again and resize to 75pt.

Replace backgrounds color

10. Click the little arrow of the Text layer group to minimize it. Expand the Graphic layer group, expand the Headline layer group.

11. Double click the thumbnail on the Headline box layer to open the Color Picker dialog. Use the sliders on the color bar to go to the purple range. Move the color picker circle around until you like the color, then click OK.

Tip: In order to apply exactly the same background color to other elements open the Color Picker dialog again and copy the hexadecimal color code of the # field to your clipboard.


12. Now expand the Artists layer group, double click the thumbnail on the Box layer and paste the color code in to the # field, click OK. Expand the Box layer group and repeat this step for the three layers in the group.

Add images

13. Expand the Images layer group, expand the Main Artist layer group. Double click the Smart Object thumbnail on the layer to open the embedded Smart Object where you'll add a photo on the [YOUR IMAGE HERE] layer.

14. Drag the MainArtist.jpg file from the practice files you have downloaded before on to the canvas and press Enter.


Tip: If your photo does not fit into the given space of the Smart Object, drag the corner handles to fit the photo into the space and press Enter.


15. Save the changes by pressing CTRL+S on Windows or COMMAND+S on MacOS and close the extra Smart Object window. Repeat this process for the Other Artist 1 and Other Artist 2 layer groups using OtherArtist1.jpg and OtherArtist2.jpg image files.

16. From the File menu choose Save as... to save your file with a meaningful name to your computer.

17. Choose Print... to print your poster from your computer.


Tip: If you want to print out your poster in a print shop save your artwork as Photoshop PDF file to an USB stick choosing [High Quality Print] on the Save Adobe PDF dialog. 

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a Poster in 60 seconds with Photoshop. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithPhotoshop to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.


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