Learn how to create a ghostly effect on a video clip.

Now try it yourself

1. Download the practice file project and open it in Premiere Pro. Make sure that Graphics workspace is selected from the top menu.

Tip: You can change workspace layout at any time or save your own workspace by clicking on Window – Workspaces – Save as New Workspace…


2. Click and drag the ghost.mov video from the Project Panel into the Timeline. Premiere automatically creates a sequence with the video name and adds the clip to the first video track V1.

3. You can adjust the Timeline's video track height by clicking and dragging the lines between the video or audio tracks. Change the zoom level and position of your Timeline by clicking and dragging the zoom bar or the edges of the zoom bar at the bottom of the Timeline.

Create a still image of the background

4. Advance the playhead on the timeline just before the girl appears in the scene (approx. at 00:00:00:13).

5. Choose the Razor Tool from the Tools panel and move it close to the playhead position over the video clip in the Timeline. When you are close enough to the playhead the dotted razor line will snap to the playhead position, where you can cut now the video by clicking your mouse button.

6. In order to move the rear part of the video clip to another video track, choose the Selection Tool from the Tools panel.

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts for changing the tools. Use the C key for selecting the Razor Tool, press the V key for the Selection Tool.


7. With the Selection Tool selected click on the rear part of the clip and drag it up to the second video track V2 in the Timeline.

8. Move the mouse over the right edge of the video clip in video track V1 until the cursor arrow changes to a bracket arrow, then click and expand the clip to the same length as the video clip on video track V2.

9. To create a still image from the clip, right click or control click on the clip in video track V1 and choose Add Frame Hold from the menu. The video in V1 will now show a freeze frame of the playhead position throughout the whole clip on the Timeline.

10. Advance the playhead to a position where the girl is visible. When you click on the little eye button on the left of the clip track, you can make the video track invisible. Click on the eye button of video track V2 and the girl will disappear.

Add ghost effect

11. Make sure the video clip on video track V2 is selected. On the Effect Controls panel on the left expand the Opacity settings by clicking on the small arrow.

12. Reduce Opacity of the clip from 100% to 60%.

Tip: When you move the cursor over the blue percentage numbers, your cursor becomes a hand with arrows. Click on the value and move to the left to decrease or to the right to increase the value. Or you can click the number and type in directly the desired value.

Adjust color settings

13. From the top menu choose Color, which will rearrange all workspace panels for an optimized video color editing workspace, where you will find e.g. on the right side the Lumetri Color panel.

14.  Make sure the video clip on video track V2 is selected. On the Lumetri Color panel find the Creative section and expand the Look drop-down menu, then choose SF Blue STEEL.

15. Apply the SF BLUE STEEL look to the clips on V1 as well.

16. To preview the ghost effect click the Play button on the Program Monitor or press the spacebar on your keyboard.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a ghostly effect on a video clip in 60 seconds with Premiere. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithPremiere to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.

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