Give your clip an artistic effect with a 4-color gradient overlay.

Now try it yourself

Create an Adjustment Layer.

1. Download the practice file project and open it in Premiere Pro. On the Project Panel click the New Item button at lower right and choose Adjustment Layer from the dropdown list, then click OK.

Tip: Instead of adding an effect directly to the video clip we have added an Adjustment Layer on top of the video, which allows us to apply the same effect to multiple clips on the Timeline.


2. Click and drag the Adjustment Layer we just created from the Project Panel down to the timeline onto V2 video track above the video clip. Move the mouse to the right edge of the Adjustment Layer until the cursor arrow changes to a bracket arrow, then click and expand the layer to the same length as the video clip.

3. From the top menu choose Effects, which will rearrange all workspace panels for optimized video effects editing.

Tip: You can change workspace layout at any time or save your own workspace by clicking on Window – Workspaces – Save as New Workspace…

Apply 4-Color Gradient effect

4. On the Effects panel click into the search window and type 4-Color Gradient. While you are typing you will see all effects displayed, which start with the letters you just typing.

5. Click on the 4-Color Gradient effect and drag it onto the Adjustment Layer in the timeline.

Tip: When you apply an effect to an object on the timeline it gets a white outline and a fx mark is shown on the left.


On the Effect Controls panel find the Positions & Colors settings within the 4-Color Gradient effect values.


6. Click the yellow square of Color 1 to open the Color Picker dialog. From the color bar in the middle, choose a color of the orange area, then fine-tune your selection on the left by clicking on the desired color. Click OK when you are done.

7. Change the color of Color 2 and 3 the same way you did in the step before: Change Color 2 to turquoise and Color 3 to red.

The gradient is composed of four solid-color circles blended together, each with an effect point as its center.


8. Change numeric values of Point 1 to 830 and 80. This will change the circle's center position of Color 1.

9. Change the numeric values of Points 2-4 to experiment with the positioning of the four color circles.

10. On the Effect Controls panel find the Blend setting within the 4-Color Gradient effect values. Increase the Blend value to create a softer border between colors, in this case, change it to 200.

Tip: Decrease the value for a more defined border between colors.


11. On the Effect Controls panel find the Blending Mode settings within the 4-Color Gradient effect values. Choose Overlay from the Blending Mode drop-down menu.

Tip: Try out other blending options from drop-down to see the different effects.


12. To preview the effects you have applied press the spacebar on your keyboard or click the Play button in the Program Monitor.

That's it! Now it's your turn to give your clip an artistic 4-color gradient effect in 60 seconds with Premiere. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithPremiere to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.





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