Use the Auto Reframe Sequence tool to adjust video clips for use on social media platforms.

Now try it yourself

1. Download the practice files and open "clips-social-media.prproj" in Premiere Pro. Make sure that Editing workspace is selected from the top menu. 


Tip: You can change workspace layout at any time by clicking on Window > Workspaces.

Edit the clip

2. First shorten the clip. Move the playhead to 00:03:10 on the Timeline and go to Sequence > Add Edit to cut the Skateboard clip. You can also use the shortcuts Control+K (Windows) or Command+K (macOS).

3. Move the playhead to 00:10:09 and use Control/Command+K again.

4. Select the middle clip and press Alt+delete (Windows) or Option+delete (macOS) to remove it.

5. Position the playhead between the two clips and click Sequence > Apply Default Transitions to create a cross dissolve effect.

Add a title

6. Drag the playhead to the beginning of the timeline.


7. Select the Type (T) tool from the tool bar and go to the video preview in the Program panel. Click on the preview to add text > type in "Morning Flow".


8. With the text still selected, go to the Effect Controls panel and click the drop down arrow next to the eye icon and Text (Morning Flow) to reveal the options in the text category.

9. Set the type properties as follows:  

a: typeface: Lust Italic

b: size: 170

c: tracking: 150

d: All caps

10. Choose the Selection (V) tool and drag the title to place it where you want it.


11. Drag the end of the Morning flow sequence on the Timeline to the length of the underlying sequence > so it will be visible for the entire duration of the clip. Press the Spacebar to preview the video.

Reframe your work for Instagram

12. To create a duplicate sequence in a different aspect ratio, select the Morning flow sequence in the Project panel and click Sequence > Auto Reframe Sequence


13. The Auto Reframe Sequence window pops up. Set the Target Aspect Ratio to Vertical 9:16 for use on Instagram. Also set the Motion Preset to Slower Motion to more closely match the movement in the video. Then click Create.

14. Premiere will resize the video and the title to best fit the aspect ratio you selected and places the reframed sequence into a folder in the Project panel – ready to output your video.


Tip: Use the Auto Reframe Sequence feature on the same edited clip to generate the sequence for optimal display on other social media platforms by choosing the other Target Aspect Ratio options.

That's it! Now it's your turn to make social cuts in Premiere Pro. Download the assets or use your own and share your result on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithPremiere to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.

To learn more, visit our Premiere Pro Tutorials page.






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