With more people looking to produce professional Instagram Stories, efficient editing can make all the difference. Video content creator Darren Rowlands (aka @mrdrowlands) shows you some of his secrets for speeding up your workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What you'll need

Set up your project

Open up Adobe Premiere Pro and create a sequence designed for Instagram Stories by selecting the New Item icon and then Sequence. Choose Digital SLR, 1080p30 and move over to Settings to adjust the Frame Size – change this to ‘1480 by 852’.

Import the clips

Next, select all the clips you plan to use and drag them from the Project panel into the Timeline. A warning will pop up, simply select Keep Existing Settings.

Resize your footage

To optimise your footage for Instagram, head to the Effect Controls panel and play with the Scale value. Apply the effect in bulk by clicking on the clip you’ve updated and press Command/Control and C. Then select all other clips and right-click, choosing Paste Attributes.

Tip: Hold Shift and drag your footage left to right to find the right positioning for it.

Edit efficiently and try out keyboard shortcuts

By dragging the ends of each clip, you can trim your footage and create the perfect flow. You can move your clips into position with a simple drag and drop. If you have gaps where you’ve shortened clips, click on them and hit Delete to join up your footage.

Tip: With five key commands you can rewind, pause and fast-forward your footage and trim your clips with ease. Use J, K and L keys to skim along the Timeline and select Q and W for cutting – Q being for the ‘In Point’ and W being for the ‘Out Point’. 

Make colour adjustments

Go to the Lumetri Color panel and play around with the sliders until you’re happy with the look you’ve created. You can apply the same edits to every clip by following the same process as before. Alternatively, to make everything just so, you might want to go through every clip and tailor your edits to each one. 

Export your Stories

If like Darren, you’re creating more than one Instagram Story within your sequence, you’ll need to set up In and Out Points to tell Premiere Pro where one Story ends and the next begins. To do this, drag your Playhead to the start of your first film and press I. Then drag the Playhead to the end of the clip and press O. Next, press Command/Control and M to open up the Export window. Go to the bottom of the window and double-check that your Source Range is set to Sequence In/Out. Finally, choose the folder you want to save your film to, name it, and press Export. Repeat this process for each Story you want to export. You’ll then be ready to share them on Instagram.

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