Issue: Poor performance, playback issues or crashes while working with 4:2:2 10bit footage from Panasonic/Lumix GH5 camera

While working with footage from the Panasonic/Lumix GH5 camera in Premiere Pro, you may experience missing audio, poor playback performance or crashes.


Important: If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please update to the CC 2017 11.1.2 releases of Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. This release includes official support for 4:2:2 10bit footage from the Panasonic/Lumix GH5 camera. The following solutions apply to the prior versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

No Video

If the file imports as audio-only then it was most likely shot using the camera’s V-Log function. In order to use these files you will need to first convert them in another application. 

Poor Playback Performance or Crashing

If you are experiencing poor playback performance  or crashing when working with these files try changing the playback resolution to Full. An issue has been discovered that will affect performance, or crash Premiere when the playback resolution is set to anything less than Full. For more information about setting the playback resolution see Setting display quality for the Source and Program Monitors.

Additional information

The CC 2017.1 release of Premiere Pro does not officially support 4:2:2 10bit files from the Panasonic GH5. These troubleshooting steps are offered to help work around common issues affecting the use of these files, but this does not guarantee all files will work properly at this time. The 4:2:0 8bit files created by the Panasonic GH5 are fully supported in the 2017.1 release. 

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