Choose important settings for your projects, and manage media in Adobe Premiere Rush.

What you learned: How to control where imported media is saved, choose audio input and output settings, and optimize system playback performance

Open Preferences

  • Choose Preferences from the Rush CC application menu (macOS) or the Edit menu (Windows).
  • On a mobile device, set preferences using the gear icon.

Choose Media Import location

  • Click the Choose button to set the location to store imported media files.

Set audio options

Menus in the center of the panel let you choose audio input and output options. If you don’t hear audio while playing clips or your sequence, check these settings.

Video rendering and playback

Pre-rendering parts of the sequence in the background while working can improve playback on less powerful systems. If you experience problems during playback, open Preferences and check the Pre-render Sequences For Playback box.

Optimize performance

While you work in Rush, some video frames are cached to improve clip playback. Clearing excess cache files can free up space on your device and improve playback performance.

Tip: Before changing where imported media is stored, note the default location where media you already imported has been saved.



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Adobe Stock contributors: helivideohomydesignnickich91

Presenter: Christine Steele

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