This article is for the members who whitelist the domains for Requestor IDs in Adobe Pass - Config dashboard 3.0.




Pass console link:
Login to adobe pass 3.0 console with credentials.  

  1. First, select the environment where the changes are required.

  2. After selecting the environment, search for the requstorId/Channel on "Channels" tab of console 3.0. For example "ApassTest1 requestorID (apasstest1)"

  3. After the successful search of Channel/requsterID "Apasstest1", click Display Name and navigate to the below screen.

  4. Now select the "Domains" tab and  "+ Add new Domain" button. On clicking, a row is added to the list.

  5. In that row, enter the domain name (wishing to add). For example - ""  

  6. Once the domain is added, go to "Review and Push the Changes" button. Changes are saved to the environment.

Additional information

Whitelist the domain names only.
Example: "".
Do not whitelist the IP address.
Example: ""

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