You cannot add that email address to your account

When adding users to your Adobe Sign account, you may encounter an error indicating that “You cannot add that email address to your account.”

This error message suggests one of two problems with the email (user) provided:

  • The email is in use, but the user status isn’t “Active”
  • Your Adobe Sign Domain settings don’t include the email domain of the user

Users that aren’t “Active”

Users in the Adobe Sign system have one of several status levels: Active, Created, Pending, and Inactive.

Check your User list (Account > Users) to see if your users are in a non-Active status.

Active users are readily displayed when you view your Users list in the Adobe Sign Admin console.

The default user list showing only Active users


Users that aren’t Active are filtered out.  To view all of the users in your account, click on the three lines in the upper-right corner, and select Show All Users.

The menu to show all users


The full list of users will be presented, and you can sort them by clicking the column headers. Sorting by email is usually the best option as the email address is the key information you enter to create a user, and the root of the error message.

The full list of users

The high-level differentiation between statuses is:

  • Active users – Users that can log in to the Adobe Sign system and send Agreements
  • Created users – Users that have been added to an account, but haven’t set their password yet. Because they haven’t set a password, they cannot log in to the system. 
    • By clicking a Created user, you will have the option to Resend email, or Reset Password. Both options send an email to the user asking them to set a password and activate the account.
  • Inactive users – These users were created in the system, but have been explicitly disabled. Inactive users cannot access Adobe Sign for any reason, including the ability to sign Agreements.
    • Clicking an Inactive user will give you the option to Reactivate User.
    • Reactivating a user will change their status to Active, and send an email so they can set a new password
  • Pending users – Users with a “Pending” status are people that have been associated with an Agreement at some point, but have not explicitly been created by an administrator.
    • Pending users can be converted to Active through the normal “add user” process

Domain Name Issues

Some accounts are set up with domain level security. All site license customers should have this type of security, as well as customers that use SAML.

However, domain level security isn’t exposed in the Admin interface.  It can only be evaluated on the back end by Customer Support or the Customer Success team.

If the problem user isn’t in your account under any status level, then the problem is almost certainly a domain permission issue.  Contact Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager if you have one.

Be sure to include your Account Admin email and the email of the user you are trying to add.

Claiming domain ownership is a straight forward process, but it does take time.  If you believe you have domain type issues, or just want to proactively prevent the possibility, start the claiming process early.

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