The Adobe Sign Personalized SMS feature is available to business and enterprise service level customers.


Customers that are using phone (SMS) authentication can insert their company name into the SMS message instead of Adobe Sign, giving the recipient a clear understanding that the authentication is in regards to your agreement.

Additionally, the customer can supply their own contact phone number or URL in the verification options window that triggers the SMS confirmation.

How it's used

Once the setting is enabled, there is no further interaction that is required on the part of the user.

The custom URL/phone number and Company Name value found in each user's personal profile is inserted into the SMS message whenever phone authentication is used on one of their agreements.



It is generally recommended that if you enable the custom SMS message, you first enforce a proper, standard company name for all users.

An Account admin can do this by:

  • Navigating to Account > Account Settings > Account Setup
  • Verify the full, proper name of the company is set in the Company Name field
  • Check the box next to Set company name for all users in account
  • Click Save

This option forces all users in the account to adopt the identical Company Name in their profile, and prevents editing that field by the user.


Groups do not have the granularity to identify as a different Company Name. All users in the account will adopt the new company name immediately after clicking Save.

If you have groups or individuals operating under different Company Name values, do not enable this feature.


Configuration options

In addition to inserting your company name in the  SMS message, you can also insert a specific phone number or URL that will display on the prompt to invoke the SMS notice.

If the customization text field is left empty, the default value will be inserted, which is the sender user's email address

Custom url controls

The text is exposed in the phone verification options screen:

Custom url text in email

How to enable or disable

Customizing the phone authentication message can be enabled at the Account level by the Adobe Sign Account Admin.

Group level configuration is permitted and will over-ride the Account level setting for users in that group.

Configure custom phone authentication