Bring animation into your newsletter graphics with editable vectors from Adobe Stock.

Find an illustration for your project

Search for a vector illustration that you can animate.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘predict the future’ shown in search field.

Select, rearrange, and group artwork

Customize the artwork by removing unwanted elements, then copying elements that you want to animate to the clipboard.

The selection of shape elements of the hand to animate.

Paste artwork into Photoshop as a Smart Object

Paste the artwork into your Photoshop composition as a Smart Object, then scale and position it into place.

The hand and arm smart object layer is selected with the Paste dialog box visible and Smart Object selected.

Animate the hand

Create a nested Smart Object to activate the Transform property, then rotate and position the hand along the timeline.

Photoshop Timeline showing the left and right hand Smart Object activated with the Transform property.

Create a blink effect

Animate the opacity of the eye layer along the timeline, then animate other elements to create a more robust animation.

Photoshop Timeline panel showing the eye lid closed, and the eye layer Opacity keyframes.

Export to Animated GIF

Export to the most compatible email animation format by using the Save for Web panel to render your project.

The Save for Web dialog box with the settings for saving an Animated GIF.

The final result

Now you have an enchanting hero image that’s sure to grab your readers‘ attention!

An email message with the Animated GIF you just created from an editable vector illustration from Adobe Stock.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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