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New to Campaign Classic

Adobe Campaign is a software application that lets you coordinate the creation of conversational marketing campaigns. Adobe Campaign has innovative features to model, streamline, and automate marketing and customer communication processes. Learn more.

You can access the Adobe Campaign database using the client console. The first time you open the console, you must define the connection by specifying the server's URL and your credentials. Learn more.

Discover Adobe Campaign's main features by watching our how-to videos.

In Adobe Campaign, recipients are the default profiles targeted for sending deliveries (emails, SMS, etc.). Thanks to the recipient data that are stored in the database, you will be able to filter the target that will receive any given delivery and to add personalization data in your delivery contents. Learn more.

Campaigns include actions (deliveries) and processes (importing or extracting files), as well as resources (marketing documents, delivery outlines). Find out more.

Configuring & developing

Learn about the different deployment types and how to install Campaign on your Windows or Linux system. 

Extend and customize Campaign to address your needs. Find out how to create, edit and extend a schema.

Learn how to migrate to Campaign Classic v7 on Windows and Linux, from versions 5 or 6: prerequisites, key steps, additional configurations.

You can also find information about monitoring, upgrading process, production procedures and database maintenance in this dedicated document.

Access the technical documents intended for developers and integrators: data model, error messages, access right matrix, etc.

How to & Basics

Learn how to work with Campaign and Experience Manager.

Learn the basics to get started with the integration between Campaign and Target Standard.

Learn how to use Adobe Campaign by watching a series of step-by-step videos.

Search key words in the documentation portal or directly navigate to the section that you're interested in.

Find specific information, best practices, how-to and troubleshooting materials on the knowledge base.

Community & Training

Join the growing Adobe Campaign Community of expert users around the world. They range from people new to Campaign to seasoned experts.  We are there to help you from questions about capabilities through to helping with development questions. We hold regular Expert sessions with internal and external expert users and help produce articles and tutorials for you. 

Join the community today for access to the best content, people and knowledge. It's open to everyone, if you have an interest in Campaign, then you're welcome.

The Marketing Cloud community is available to you on Twitter @AdobeMkgtCare.

All the latest features, updates and fixes in Adobe Campaign.

Yes! All the official Adobe Campaign training courses are listed on our training hub.

Troubleshooting & Best practices

List of all systems and components supported for the latest build of Adobe Campaign.

Learn best practices to design and send messages with Adobe Campaign.

This step-by-step guide will introduce you to the key elements to check regarding security configuration.

Learn the concepts and best practices related to deliverability by reading this step-by-step guide.

Consult the most common questions about Campaign Classic.

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Support portal: Campaign login

Phone: 1-800-497-0335 (US & Canada).

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