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To get a trial of Learning Manager, create your Adobe ID. For more information, see Manage your Adobe ID. You can Sign in to Learning Manager using your Adobe id and start your trial.

Use this Buying Guide for information related to conversion of your account from trial to subscription.

Administrators can manage the billing of accounts. For more information, see Billing Management.

Administrators can cancel Learning Manager subscriptions. Deactivate your account using the option provided under Billing section. Once deactivated, all the existing orders in the account from the next billing cycle of subscription are cancelled. Please note that Learning Manager follows an annual subscription model and we recommend you to not cancel the subscription in between the running year. In case you want to cancel the subscription before the completion of the annual term, an early termination fee is charged.

As a user of Adobe Learning Manager, your first point of contact is the Learning Management Administrator of your organization.

Sign in to your Adobe account. Under the Password section, select Change for Current Password, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Forgot your password? Learn how to reset it.

Yes, you can consume your Learning Manager courses on your iPad and mobile devices. For more information, see Learner app for mobiles and tablets.

For information on the recommended approach to set up and configure Adobe Learning Manager, see the Best practices guide.

As a learner you can use the Getting started for learner document to understand how to start using Learning Manager as your LMS.

If you are a manager, use the Getting started for managers page to aid you to navigate through the key features of the application.

To know about getting started and managing modules as an instructor, see Getting started as an instructor.

For information on getting started as an Author, see Getting started as an author.

To know the answers to the most frequently asked questions for administrators, see Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators.

Get the answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions for Managers here.

To know the answers to the most frequently asked questions for administrators, see Frequently Asked Questions for Authors.

To know the answers to the frequently asked questions for instructors, see Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors.