Some Macintosh systems may display "out of memory" alerts or crash on identical machines that have differing amounts of RAM. Even a system with a greater amount of RAM may exhibit this behavior when an otherwise identical machine with less RAM does not. These errors may occur regardless of the size of a Macromedia Flash FLA file.


Specific machines, operating systems, and types of RAM can cause these memory errors to occur:

Mixed memory types - Mixing memory with different ratings, or mixing memory modules from different manufacturers may cause memory errors. Some newer hardware may not be able to use older memory.

Faulty Memory - Occasionally memory modules may have defects in manufacturing which may cause errors.

Hardware or software limitations - It is possible to add more RAM to a system than it is able to address; for example, OS 9 can only address a maximum total of 1.5 gigabytes of memory.

Note:These types of memory alerts are unrelated to program conflicts or issues addressed by the Flash 5.0a update available for download from Macromedia. However, if you have not downloaded and installed the update, you should do so.


To determine if your memory alerts are hardware-related, do the following:


Check the Macromedia Flash Support Center to make sure the problem is not a known software compatibility issue. In addition, follow each of the steps in General Macintosh Troubleshooting (TechNote 3500).

2 Once you have determined that the problem is not a known issue found on the Macromedia website, check Apple's Support Site for articles or bulletins regarding known hardware issues. Apple maintains a knowledge base of known compatibility charts and alerts regarding hardware-related memory problems.

To physically test the memory, try removing one memory module at a time to see if the problem goes away. If your system works properly with a particular memory module removed and there is access to another system, try testing that memory in another machine to see if the error occurs there.

Important: If you are unfamiliar with proper handling of system components, please consult the manufacturer or a qualified technician before proceeding. It is possible to damage components if not handled correctly, and you may not be warranted for replacement should such damage occur.

Additional Information

If Flash has more than 380mb allocated in Classic mode under OSX, the application will crash on launch. This is a Mac OS issue and also affects other applications in the same manner. To solve this issue, allocate less memory to Flash and then re-launch the application.


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