When you attempt to use the Save as Adobe PDF item from the Print dialog's PDF menu in an Automator workflow, you receive the following message:

"The action "Save as Adobe PDF" could not be loaded because it is not Universal. Please ask the developer for a Universal version of the action"


On Snow Leopard, Automator is a 64-bit app and the Save as Adobe PDF workflow is a 32-bit binary and therefore does not load. To use Save as Adobe PDF, launch Automator in the 32-bit mode:

1.  If Automator is open, quit Automator by going to Automator > Quit Automator.

2.  Open a new Finder window and navigate to the Applications folder.

3.  In the Finder, select Automator.

4.  Go to File > Get Info.

5. In the Automator Info window, open the General section.

6.  Select the Open in 32-bit mode option.

Automator Info window

7.  Close the Automator Info window.

8.  Restart Automator.


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