Even though you click Do Not Participate, the Help Improve Adobe's Products prompt pops up each time you start an Adobe product in Mac OS 10.8.

"Help Improve Adobe's Products" prompt
Adobe Product Improvement prompt


To turn off the Adobe Product Improvement prompt, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Update MacKeeper to version 2.5.1 or later. Go here to update.
  2. Un-install the affected Adobe application, and reinstall it. To uninstall an Adobe application, use the uninstaller located in the Adobe application's folder.
  3. After reinstallation, you may see the Adobe Product Improvement prompt. Choose either [Do Not Participate] or [Participate]. Your selection will now be remembered and you will not see this prompt between launches again.

Additional information

Versions of MacKeeper prior to 2.5.1 modified files that are required for Adobe applications to run normally. Version 2.5.1 solved this issue.

For more information about the program, see Adobe Product Improvement Program.

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