Flash Media Server (FMS) logs events in the access log when using the FLVPlayback component, before actual playback on the client side.

Note: These events occur all within the same second when the FLVPlayback component establishes a connection with Flash Media Server. 

Here’s a sample of what the Flash Media Server access log reports after the FLVPlayback component makes a connection. In this example, the FLVPlayback autoPlay parameter is equal to false, meaning that playback does not initiate until the end user presses the Play button.

Flash Media Server Access Log: 

x-event time cs-bytes sc-stream-bytes x-file-size
connect 13:51:59 3073    
play 13:51:59 3179 0 24.973
stop 13:51:59 3223 261602 24.973
play 13:51:59 3223 0 24.973
stop 13:51:59 3223 1114 24.973

Even though there was no actual video playback, there are still two play and two stop events in the access log. These events occur in the same second - in this case, at 13:51:59. Although the sc-stream-bytes show a non zero value, this value is not considered significant to actual playback. 


One method to avoid the additional play and stop events is to build a custom client-side player instead of using the FLVPlayback component.  

Additional information

The Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) project offers a framework to build a client-side player. For more information, see

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