InDesign and Illustrator CS or CS2 fail to launch after applying the Mac OS X Acrobat 8.2 and 8.2.1 update.

After launching either InDesign or Illustrator, InDesign gives the following error:  "Personalize your software and re-enter the serial". Or After launching InDesign or Illustrator, the application hangs at the startup screen when “reading fonts."

Solution 1

Install the Acrobat 8.2.2 update. The update can be downloaded by launching Acrobat and choosing Updates from the Help menu. Or, download the update directly from the appropriate link below:

Updates - Adobe Reader for Macintosh

Updates - Acrobat for Macintosh

Solution 2

Replace the corresponding files present in the “ /Library/Application Support/Adobe/TypeSpt/Unicode/Mappings/” folder with the one attached to this document.

  1. Download the attached Mac.dmg file to a machine where the issue is seen.
  2. Close all Adobe applications
  3. Double Click the Mac.dmg file to mount it.
  4. Copy Mac folder from mounted image.
  5. Paste it to /Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/TypeSpt/Unicode/Mappings/.
  6. A message appears to confirm to replace the existing 'Mac' folder. Replace the 'Mac' folder.
  7. Launch Illustrator or InDesign CS or CS 2.

Note: If you have already followed these steps after installing the 8.2 update, you may need to follow the same steps again after applying the 8.2.2 security update. 

Solution 3

Only try this solution if after following solution 1 and 2, the issue reoccurs after restarting either Acrobat 8.2.2 or the computer.

Acrobat 8.2 self heal mechanism attempts to copy the 8.2 version of the ".../Unicode/Mac" folder back to this location. (The 8.2 version of this folder causes the initial issue of Illustrator and InDesign CS/CS2 not launching.) To prevent this self heal from happening, deny everyone write access to the ".../Unicode/Mac" folder copied from this document.

The Mac folder attached to this KB document already has the correct permissions set, so it should not be necessary to complete the steps below. However there may be cases where the permissions for the Mac folder get overwritten. In such a case, the original issue can reoccur. To solve this issue, complete the steps below:

  1. Follow Solution 2 and make sure that all Adobe applications are closed.
  2. Right or Control click and select 'Get Info' on the Mac folder in “ /Library/Application Support/Adobe/TypeSpt/Unicode/Mappings/”, which you have copied from the .dmg file attached to this document.
  3. Verify that under 'Sharing and Permissions' all users listed have no write access
  4. If a change is required, click the padlock symbol and provide your Administrator credentials
  5. Select the user which has Write access and change it to 'Read Only'.
  6. Ensure the user 'Everyone' is set to 'No Access.
  7. To check if the issue has been solved, launch Acrobat 8.2 and then Illustrator or InDesign CS or CS 2.

Additional information

 This issue is only seen in the following environment:

  • Mac Os X
  • Acrobat 8.2 and 8.2.1 update
  • Illustrator and Indesign CS and CS 2









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