Packaging Android app fails -- Java 8

Error packaging Android apps

Packaging an Android app fails on computers having Java 8 when using an RSA-1024 certificate created with the Adobe AIR Developer Tool (ADT).

All RSA-1024 certificates created with ADT experience this issue. Adobe AIR 16 and later create only RSA-2048 certificates. 

Impacted applications Impacted OS versions
Adobe AIR Windows & Mac OS
Adobe Animate Windows & Mac OS

Impacted developers

Developers who want to update their applications on Play Store are required to sign the app. While signing the app, use the same certificate with which the app was signed when it was created.

Any developer who uses RSA-1024 certificates and wants to update the app is impacted. This issue does not impact RSA-2048 certificates.


In Animate CC, 1024 RSA certificates are supported up to the 2017.2 version. See Install previous versions of apps for more information on downloading earlier versions of Animate CC.

Solution: Downgrade to Java 6 or 7

On the computer used to package their applications, developers can downgrade to Java 6 or 7. 

For packages developed in Adobe AIR, use the following command in ADT to sign them:

<ADT path> -package -target apk -storetype pkcs12 -keystore <Certificate> -storepass <certificate password> <generated apk name> <xml path> <swf path> <assets folder path>

For more information, see ADT package command.