Manage and work with cloud documents

Learn how to work with cloud documents in XD.

Get started with cloud documents

Home screen
Home screen

The Home screen in Adobe XD provides quick access to your cloud documents. You can view the cloud documents from Recent or Cloud Documents section. 

You can also use Cmd + O (MAC) and Ctrl + O (Windows) to access the documents from the Cloud Document Organizer.

Shared with You lists the cloud documents others have shared with you from XD. This list is unavailable while offline, but some documents shared with you are available from the Recent section.

Manage Links takes you to from where you can manage all your prototypes and design specs.  While there, select  File > Cloud Documents to view and access cloud documents . From the cloud documents tab, you can:

  • View the documents in a grid or list format.
  • Sort them by name or date of modification.
  • Select the documents to delete them.

Deleted lists the cloud documents tagged for deletion. You can either restore them or permanently delete them. Deleting the documents removes all contributors or editors associated with the specific document.

For more information, see Cloud documents in XD.

Create, save, and rename cloud documents

By default, new documents are created as cloud documents. Upon save, choose between keeping it as a cloud document or as a local document on your computer.

To convert an existing non-cloud document, select File > Save as > Save to > Cloud Documents.

XD now supports cloud-based document management. This means that when you save your document to Creative Cloud,  autosave ensures that your edits are saved and you do not lose your work.

Though multiple designers can share and update the same cloud document, the first save of the cloud document precedes other saves. 

Save document to cloud
Save document to cloud

To rename a cloud document, select the saved document and click File > Rename or click on the caret next to the document name. You can rename or delete a document only if you are a document owner.

Rename cloud documents
Rename cloud documents

Access cloud documents

With documents saved to the cloud, you can easily access the cloud documents across devices, including mobile for preview within the XD mobile app.

From within XD: You can access the saved cloud documents from the Home screen as well as from the Cloud Documents Organizer. To open a document from the Cloud Document Organizer, use Cmd + O (MAC) and Ctrl + O (Windows).

From You can view the documents shared with you from the Shared with You section. From this section, you can:

  • Sort the documents by date of creation or name.
  • View them in a grid or list view.
  • Use the Leave option to remove yourself as an invited collaborator.
  • View metadata and Report Abuse on the shared cloud document.

For more information, see Browse, sync, and manage assets.

Documents shared with you
Documents shared with you

Select Files > Cloud Documents to view the documents you own. From the Cloud Documents tab, you can:

  • View metadata of your cloud documents.
  • Delete the XD cloud documents you own; you can permanently delete or restore the cloud documents.
  • Search for XD cloud documents you own.

For more information, see Browse, sync, and manage assets.


Share cloud documents

To share your design spec or prototype with collaborators so that they can make edits, the document must first be saved as a cloud document. To share a cloud document, from the Share mode, click the Invite to Document icon .

In the Invite to Document window that appears, add people to share it with. 

Add a message in the Message field and click Invite

You can invite colloborators the same way you can with private invites for design specs and prototypes. Once you share a document, collaborators will receive a notification from the Creative Cloud desktop application as well as email.

To learn more about sharing a cloud document, check this video.

You can also remove the invited collaborators from the shared cloud document using the Remove option in the Invite to Document window.

Remove invited collaborator
Remove invited collaborator

Edit cloud documents

All invited collaborators can edit your document and save changes to the original file. When two collaborators simultaneouly edit a cloud document, a visual indicator with a profile avtaar of the other designer indicates who is viewing or editing the document. This helps in avoiding conflicting edits to the cloud document.