Verify that Adobe Media Server is running

After you have created an account, launched an instance of AMS, and connected to the server, use the following steps to verify that your AMS server is working.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, select the instance to verify.

  2. In the bottom pane, select the Description tab and scroll down to the Public DNS (domain name system). Copy the Public DNS.

    The public DNS is the address the public uses to connect to the instance. For example, the public DNS of the Adobe website is For more information, see Domain Name System at Wikipedia.

    Public DNS entry in the AWS Management Console.
  3. Open a web browser and paste the public DNS into the address field:


    For example, the address will look something like this:

    The Adobe Media Server Start Screen loads and begins streaming content.

  4. If the Start Screen doesn’t load or stream content, do the following:

    • Verify that the instance is running in the AWS Management Console. In the My Instances panel of the console, the Status column should have a green light and say “running”.

    • Verify that the correct Allowed Connections are set. For information about which connections to allow, see Working with Security Groups.

    • Verify that TCP ports 1935 and 80 are open in the firewall of the computer running the web browser. Use the port test hosted by If you see the line “RMTP Port 1935 Success”, you know that port 1935 is open.

After you’ve verified that the server is running, complete the Tutorials: on-demand and live streaming.

You can manage administrators and reset passwords by using the Administration Console. For more information, see Adobe Media Server Administration Console