Adobe Connect 9.7 Release Notes

Welcome to the Adobe Connect 9.7 release. Read on to better understand the release dates, upgrade information, updates, improvements, and known issues.


Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables corporations, schools, and government organizations worldwide to deliver rich collaboration, webinars, and eLearning experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

The Adobe Connect 9.7 release removes browser dependencies, adds HTML support, and resolves several bugs.

Release dates

Adobe Connect 9.7 rolls out in following phases:  

Hosted services:

Starting Nov 10, 2017; check the migration schedule for your account here.

On-premise deployments:

Starting Nov 17, 2017.

Managed services:

Contact your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update.

What's new in Adobe Connect 9.7

For more information on the new features and enhancements in Adobe Connect 9.7, see What's New in Adobe Connect.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

New Adobe Connect application

This update introduces a new Adobe Connect application to join meetings. The Adobe Connect application replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in (version 9.x). 

You are prompted to install the new Adobe Connect application in the following scenarios:

  • You host or join a 9.x meeting for the first time with an earlier version of the Adobe Connect add-in.
  • You share your screen or PowerPoint (PPTX format) files and do not have Adobe Connect application installed.

If you are an administrator of a locked-down IT environment, we recommend that you ensure that all of your end users have the new Adobe Connect application and Adobe Flash Player (version 13.0 or later) installed. Download the Adobe Connect application from this page, or directly from the links here:

Adobe Connect application for Windows

Adobe Connect application for Mac

Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

The following are the prerequisites before you can upgrade to this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9 then update to Adobe Connect 9.6.2 before applying this patch.
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, update to Adobe Connect 9.6.2 before applying this patch.

Issues resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed an issue where only 100 meeting templates were visible while creating meetings.


Fixed an issue where if login policy was set to EMAIL address, API did not check for email in the login field.


Fixed an issue where API could create user without EMAIL even though EMAIL was set as required field


Fixed an issue where certain recordings were with choppy audio


Fixed an issue where Total Unique Attendees and Total Unique Registered Attendees columns returned incorrect value.


Fixed a potential Command Injection vulnerability in ShellUtil.fixCommand.


Fixed an issue where Event guests were auto promoted to presenter during breakouts.


Fixed a potential SSRF security vulnerability in RTMP Service


Fixed an issue where incorrect URL was populated when an invitation email was sent to user.


Fixed a potential vulnerability where Adobe Connect events module lacked clickjacking defences.


Fixed an account-specific issue where Seminar tab took more than a minute to open the license.


Fixed an issue where opening recording with Adobe Flash disabled in Chrome 56 gave static page, i.e., "For joining the meeting right-click above to run Adobe Connect."


Fixed a potential api abuse vulnerability


Fixed an account specific issue where in-appropriate error message appeared when a new user tried to login to the event login page.


Added a Feature where “Enable Microphone rights” for Participants will persist with templates.


Fixed an issue where FLV videos published from Adobe Capitave were not playing in Adobe Connect.


Fixed an issue where Event Registration Confirmation message in Japanese locale showed in English instead of Japanese.


Fixed an issue where Active meeting report showed the session for a meeting which was deleted.


Fixed an issue where LDAP authentication failed when email was set as not a required field and left blank in User Profile Mapping.


Fixed an issue where Active meeting report showed two instances of same meeting


Fixed an issue where private PDF files could be opened with appending '/connect.pdf' in the content URL.


Fixed a potential vulnerability where reflected XSS when new parameter injected into URL.


Fixed an issue where Adobe Captivate course was not working in virtual classroom when using SWF format.


Fixed an intermittent issue where Telephony user was not able to listen to the VoIP user in the meeting.


Fixed a potential vulnerability where reflected XSS.


Fixed a potential SQL Injection vulnerability in EventDAL.


Fixed an issue where Adobe Captivate content was not properly presented in meeting client when shared as Course in Virtual Classroom.


Fixed a potential dll hijacking/pre-loading vulnerability


Fixed an issue where sharing one Windows 10 native app in Adobe Connect shared all open Windows 10 native apps.


Fixed an issue where Event template images were not displayed in Internet Explorer

Known Issues

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


PPT and PPTX content cannot be directly opened in Adobe Connect application by entering content URL in Adobe Connect application homepage.


In Mac, no error message is shown to the user when Adobe Connect application is open and user tries to launch another instance of Connect application by entering meeting url in browser.


Events are not accessible by entering Event url in Adobe Connect application home page.

4087907 Adobe Connect application for Windows re-creates a shortcut on desktop (even if the shortcut is deleted)


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