ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 12

ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 12


If you are applying Update 12 without applying Update 8, follow the Post Installation steps mentioned for Update 8.

Note: If you are already on Update 8, you can apply Update 12 without performing any intermediary steps.


If you are updating via ColdFusion Administrator:

The minimum update versions are Update 4 or higher for ColdFusion (2018 release), due to a recent change in code signing certificate.

These are mandatory pre-requisites before updating.

The updates below are cumulative and contain all updates from previous ones. If you are skipping updates, you can apply the latest update, not those you are skipping. Further, you must take note of any changes that are implemented in each of the updates you are skipping.

To install previous updates, see ColdFusion (2018 release) Updates.

What's new and changed

ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 12 (release date, 14 September, 2021) addresses vulnerabilities that are mentioned in the security bulletin, APSB21-75, and other bug fixes.

The update also contains support for macOS Big Sur (v11.0) and Tomcat 9.0.50.

Bugs fixed

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4211179 Unable to save Server Settings due to due to invalid default value for Maximum Pool Size.
CF-4205963 Redis Sessions must support SSL/TLS connection over port 6380.
Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4207973 An exception appears when you dump the results of the function cacheGetAllIds().
CF-4211482 Unable to install the latest PDF add-ons for Docker.
Containers: CF Docker Image
CF-4211421 If the neo-datasource.xml file has the following, then after applying Update 11, 17, or 1, then the ColdFusion Data Source service is unavailable.
Database : General
CF-4211538 Temporary columns in an ORDER BY clause will be randomly returned in QoQ result set even if they aren’t specified in a SELECT statement.
Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ)
CF-4211472 Locally scoped table names in a Query of Query throws an internal error.
Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ)
CF-4202730 In a query, if you select names with order, the order of names is not as expected.
Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ)
CF-4199829 Generating a spreadsheet and not saving it to disk may cause the heap memory to behave unexpectedly.
Document Management : Office Integration
CF-4208032 When copying a file to an AWS S3, the copy operation fails.
File Management : VFS-S3
CF-4211636 The ListDeleteAt function removes the last symbol instead of the entire delimiter.
General Server
CF-4211830 For complex variable bindings, the final keyword is not honored.
CF-4211478 Erroneous 'final variable modification' exception on arrow function initializer in component mixin.
CF-4212023 If a ColdFusion page does not have a cfapplication tag, the default behavior is to convert formfields with commas into array.
Language : Application Framework : PerAppSettings
CF-4209676 Function parameters are parsed incorrectly when passing an un-braced arrow-function literal as an argument.
Language : CFSCRIPT
CF-4211579 When you dump a cfcatch object, you get, in addition of the dump, the exception "The getMetaData method was not found".
Language : Exception Handling
CF-4211442 Complex object types cannot be converted to simple values Language : Functions
CF-4205189 ToString() member function returns a location rather than string Language : String Functions
CF-4210631 Issue where ORM does not support Object[] types. ORM Support
CF-4211228 Application metadata is not thread safe under high concurrency (ConcurrentModificationException).
CF-4211113 Every page request calls getRealPath()as part of PathFilter.invoke(), which results in a touch to the file system.
CF-4211876 Mismatch in argument type after installing Update 11 from Update 10 of ColdFusion (2018 release).
REST Services
CF-4206686 cflogin doesn't work in a cluster with Redis session management Security : Authentication
CF-4202953 CF Scripts URI must be randomized. Security : LockdownGuide

Known issues

  • When the multicast port is busy in your environment, there will be errors in logs after restarting the instances that are part of a cluster. To resolve the issue, in the ColdFusion Admin, change the multicast port in the Cluster Manager page.
  • Connecting to a MySQL database fails for AWS MySQLon Oracle JRE. After verifying the connection, an error message displays. The issue occurs because the MySQL JDBC driver is unable to connect to SSL over TLS. As of MySQL 5.7.35, as the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 connection protocols are deprecated. As a workaround, add the parameter enabledTLSProtocols to the jdbc url.
  • Same form fields are treated as arrays when used in Application.cfc. The fields are not part of any UDF or eventhandlers of Application.cfc, even when you set or do not set the flag this.sameformfieldsasarray.


  1. On 64-bit computers, use 64-bit JRE for 64-bit ColdFusion.
  2. If the ColdFusion server is behind a proxy, specify the proxy settings for the server to get the update notification and download the updates. Specify proxy settings using the system properties below in the jvm.config for a stand-alone installation, or corresponding script file for JEE installation.
    • http.proxyHost
    • http.proxyPort
    • http.proxyUser
    • http.proxyPassword
  3. For ColdFusion running on JEE application servers, stop all application server instances before installing the update.


For instructions on how to install this update, see  Server Update section. For any questions related to updates, see this FAQ

  • The update can be installed from the Administrator of a ColdFusion instance or through the command-line option.
  • Windows users can launch the ColdFusion Administrator using Start > All Programs > Adobe > Coldfusion 2018 > Administrator.
  • Windows 10, Windows Server R2 2012, and Windows Server 2019 users must use the “Run as Administrator” option to launch  wsconfig  tool at {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/runtime/bin.
  • If you get the following error when installing the update using the Download and Install option, ensure that the folder {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/hf_updates has write permission: "An error occurred when performing a file operation write on file {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/hf-updates/".
  • The connector configuration files are backed up at {cf_install_home}/config/ wsconfig /backup. Add back any custom changes made to the file after reconfiguring the connector.

Installing the update manually

  1. Click the link to download the JAR.
  2. Execute the following command on the downloaded JAR. You must have privileges to start or stop ColdFusion service and full access to the ColdFusion root directory.

    Windows: <cf_root>/jre/bin/java.exe -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix-012-328566.jar

    Linux-based platforms: <cf_root>/jre/bin/java -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix-012-328566.jar

Ensure that the JRE bundled with ColdFusion is used for executing the downloaded JAR. For standalone ColdFusion, this must be at, <cf_root>/jre/bin.

Install the update from a user account that has permissions to restart ColdFusion services and other configured webservers .

For further details on how to manually update the application, see the help article.

Post installation


After applying this update, the ColdFusion build number should be 2018,0,12,328566.

Post installation, we recommend rebuilding or reconfiguring your connector.

Note: This holds true only if you have applied Update 12 without applying Update 8.

If you see Error 503 or Error 403 when firing up your websites, see the troubleshooting steps.


To uninstall the update, perform one of the following:

  • In ColdFusion Administrator, click Uninstall in Server Update Updates Installed Updates.
  • Run the uninstaller for the update from the command prompt. For example, java -jar {cf_install_home}/{instance_home}/hf_updates/hf-2018-00012-328566/uninstall /uninstaller.jar

If you can't uninstall the update using the above-mentioned uninstall options, the uninstaller could be corrupted. However, you can manually uninstall the update by doing the following:

  1. Delete the update jar from {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/lib/updates.
  2. Copy all folders from {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/hf-updates/{hf-2018-00012-328566}/backup directory to {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/

Connector configuration

2018 Update Connector recreation required
Update 11 Yes
Update 10 Yes
Update 9 Yes
Update 8 Yes
Update 7 No
Update 6 Yes
Update 5 Yes
Update 4 No
Update 3 No
Update 2 Yes
Update 1 Yes


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