Prerequisite knowledge

  • Understanding of AEM Mobile
  • Knowledge of creating and publishing content through the On-Demand Portal

Required products

  • AEM Mobile
  • InDesign CS6 or later


Using Adobe InDesign CS6 or later, you can create fixed layout article files. Using the Digital Publishing plugin, you can export InDesign content to an article file. (See Creating AEM Mobile articles in InDesign.)

Export script

To script the export process, you can use the ‘exportDpsArticle’ function:

var output = app.exportDpsArticle(
    File("/Users/myname/Desktop/output.article"),      // output destination i.e. c:\articles\foo.article
        [ "assetformat", "pdf" ],     // pdf, png, jpg or auto (auto chooses between png and jpg)
        [ "width", 1024 ],     // the width dimension of the target
        [ "height", 768 ],     // the height dimension of the target
        [ "layout", "iPad H"],     // layout name (if not supplied, all pages are exported)
        [ "showprogressbar", true ]     // give the user some feedback

Export options

The following parameters are supported for “exportDpsArticle” and “dpsArticleParams”:

Parameters for exportDpsArticle function

Parameter Type Description
destination file The output destination for the article
document object The InDesign document to export
dpsArticleParams associative array Key/value pairs of export options (see below)

Parameters for dpsArticleParams

Key Type Values Default Description
assetformat string "pdf", "png", "jpg", "auto" "auto" The format of the assets. This will auto-select the best option between "jpg" and "png."
height integer n/a n/a The target height
includealternateoverlayassets boolean true, false true If true, high definition overlay assets in the overlay's HD subdirectory will be included in the article.
isflattened boolean true, false false Indicates the article is flattened (horizontal scroll only)
jpegquality string "maximum",
"high", "medium", "low", "minimum"
"high" The quality for jpg assets.
layout string name of the layout n/a If included, this is the name
of the alternate layout to export from the document; if omitted, the entire document is exported.
outputtodirectory boolean true, false false If included, the article will be written to the output destination directory, uncompressed. The destination should be a directory
that already exists.
resolutionforpdfimages integer integer > 0 108 The resolution in ppi to which images will be downsampled in PDF content (page/spread) assets.
resolutionforpdfoverlayimages integer integer > 0 108 The resolution in ppi to which images will be downsampled in PDF overlay assets.
showprogressbar boolean true or false false Determine whether to show the progress bar.
smoothscrolling string or SmoothScrollingOptions "none", "always "none" Smooth scrolling behavior for article. Should pass "always" to turn on smooth scrolling.
spreads integer or string page index or "all" "all" If an integer, it is the page index to export. Otherwise, "all."
targetviewerversion string In the form of "major.minor.revision"
Latest version The minimum version is "33.0.0."
integer n/a n/a The target width.

Uploading to the project

The InDesign export script will generate an .article file, from which you will be able to upload to an article entity. For advanced features, such as contructing an automated system that will push the generated .article file from InDesign to the project, please see the Integrating third-party systems with AEM Mobile article.