With the goal of continuously improving and maximizing Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) customer experience, a new process for issuing ETLA invoices will be implemented on October 6, 2017, which affects how non-serialized products are invoiced.

What is changing?

Orders for non-serialized products will be processed through a new flow that changes how invoices will look and be delivered.

What makes the new invoices different?

The new invoices for non-serialized products will be delivered in a PDF format. The new invoice format will present information in a user-friendly layout, which will contain a summary of taxes and a breakdown of applicable taxes by line item.

What ETLA products will appear on the new invoice?

Non-Serialized Products including Acrobat DC, Creative Cloud all apps and single apps, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Sign. The process flow for serialized products is not changing.

Do these changes impact serialized ETLA products?

No, these changes do not impact serialized products such as Acrobat DC, Creative Cloud all apps and single apps, Cold Fusion, and PPBU products (Captivate, FrameMaker, RoboHelp).

Why can’t I see an ETLA order in LWS?

Orders for non-serialized products are being processed through a new workflow and are not viewable in LWS. Invoices for all ETLA orders can be viewed on the Adobe Customer Information Site (ACIS).

How do I get access to ACIS?

If you do not have access to ACIS, or if you need to give access to additional contacts, you will need to send a request to acis@adobe.com.

Who will receive the order confirmation email?

The deploy-to contact listed on the Adobe ETLA will receive a notification with a summary of their purchase. Sold-to partners and resellers will receive copies of these notifications.

What if my Admin leaves the company?

You will need to contact Enterprise Customer Support (ECS) to add a new contact or visit the support tab in the Adobe Admin Console to get help adding a new customer admin.

If the customer can’t find their confirmation email, can it be retriggered?

Confirmation emails cannot be retriggered. If your customer did not receive their confirmation email, please ensure they check their junk folders, sort through their rules or filters, and have them search for mail from message@adobe.com.

What if the order has both serialized and non-serialized products?

The customer may receive two invoices for serialized and non-serialized products – even if they are in the same ETLA deal.

Will the non-serialized invoice changes have an impact on EDI users?

Yes, non-serialized product invoices will be delivered in PDF format to the Accounts Payable contact until it has been fully tested by the Partner’s EDI team. Payment terms will remain the same. Invoices for serialized products will continue to be delivered through EDI.

Do these changes include non-ETLA orders?

No, this change is exclusive to ETLA.

VIP, CLP, TLP, and FLP are not included in these changes.

How do these changes impact invoices for true-up orders?

  • If the ETLA true-up PO is received before the anniversary date, Adobe will do our best to send one invoice (two if both serialized and non-serialized products are purchased) for additional licenses deployed in excess of the quantities previously purchased. 
    • In some cases, Adobe may send separate invoices for the past year and remaining years of the ETLA.
  • If the ETLA true-up PO is received on or after the anniversary date, Adobe will send one invoice (two if both serialized and non-serialized products are purchased).

Why can't I see a license certificate for an ELTA product?

Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) will not show orders or license certificates for non-serlialized products that are being processed through the new flow.

License certificates are issued for serialized perpetual products only. ETLA customers sign a contractual agreement representing the terms of their subscription.

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