Resolved issues

This article contains a list of issues resolved in FrameMaker (2017 release) and subsequent patch releases.

Check the FrameMaker forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Resolved issues

  1. When using FrameMaker's CMS connector to access Adobe Experience Manager repository that hosts Adobe XML Documentation Add-on, the file check-out and check-in features do not work.
    (Ref - 3840)
  2. When the DITA map is saved as Book 2017 with Fm Components and in the published book file if you open the Style Mapping pod, then all cross-references and the published document's structure is lost. 
    (Ref - 3853, 3612)
  3. When conditions are applied on list items, blank bullets are published (in responsive HTML5) for the conditions that are hidden or excluded from the output.
    (Ref - 3621)
  4. Applying character formatting on cross-references results in content loss or broken references in the published output.
    (Ref - 3755)

Resolved issues

  1. An option to configure table width in colspan element is not available in the STS file.
    (Ref - 3276)
  2. Table sort function does not work as expected.
    (Ref - 3497)
  3. When a FrameMaker (2015 release) DITA document is opened in FrameMaker (2017 release), cross-reference text format changes from DITA Format to Text.
    (Ref - 3318)
  4. Track changes in DITA documents do not work as expected.
    (Ref - 3297)
  5. When working with a long DITA document containing a large number of cross-references, FrameMaker takes a long time to open the document and throws an error for the cross-references.
    (Ref - 2609)
  6. When adding a cross-reference to an image or a paragraph, cross-reference ID is displayed in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 2895)
  7. The display text of cross-references does not update automatically even when the file is reopened.
    (Ref - 3335)
  8. When adding a topicgroup or topichead as sibling of a DITA map, FrameMaker crashes.
    (Ref - 3435)
  9. When publishing a set of files, an error Failed to Preprocess DITA Documents appears.
    (Ref -3385)
  10. The full-screen toggle button is missing from the video files in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3386)
  11. Formatting for some cross-reference entries is lost in PDF output.
    (Ref - 3491)
  12. For a set of files, the table of contents is generated with duplicate entries.
    (Ref - 3504)
  13. In EPUB and Kindle outputs, not all TOC entries are published and the hierarchy of the TOC is also incorrect.
    (Ref - 3171)
  14. Customizations such as changing header color or logo in the Azure_Blue layout is not applied in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3346)
  15. In a table containing conditional columns, the column marked to hide from the published output also gets published.
    (Ref - 3293)
  16. For a set of unstructured files, the table alignment is not correctly published in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3093)
  17. FrameMaker fails to publish responsive HTML5 output when the template files and the source files (to be published) are on different drives.
    (Ref - 2351)
  18. In some cases, redundant FM_STARTid tag appears in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3513)
  19. FrameMaker stops XSL transformation if it encounters an invalid XML file during pre- or post-processing tasks.
    (Ref - 3296)
  20. When DITA content is published as responsive HTML5, some of the cross-references are shown with topic ID instead of topic title.
    (Ref - 3319)
  21. Publishing responsive HTML5 with CSS Merge option turned on takes longer time to publish.
    (Ref - 3359)
  22. In responsive HTML5 output, incorrect image caption and extra-large border around images is found.
    (Ref - 3320)
  23. The related information links are missing when DITA content is published as responsive HTML5.
    (Ref - 3314)
  24. Image auto-fit in an anchored frame property for Adobe Illustrator images does not work.
    (Ref - 3489)
  25. Publishing responsive HTML5 output by specifying the files names with which the output needs to be created does not work as expected.
    (Ref - 3144)
  26. When publishing Basic HTML or responsive HTML5 output for content that uses system or user variables, some invalid tags are found in the output.
    (Ref - 2931)
  27. For a set of DITA files, the Browse Sequence option does not appear in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3508)
  28. For a set of files, a table containing straddled cells is not published correctly in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3463)
  29. When using Indigo layout, the multi-level index entries are not aligned properly in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 3194)
  30. For a set of DITA files, FrameMaker fails to publish PDF and responsive HTML5 outputs.
    (Ref - 3517)
  31. For a set of files, FrameMaker throws an error while running the responsive HTML5 output generation process.
    (Ref - 3534)
  32. At the time of publishing, random missing JRE error message is seen.
    (Ref - 3371)
  33. The responsive HTML5 Ocean layout is no longer available in the screen layout Gallery and is no longer supported.
    (Ref - 3288)
  34. Some icons on the Welcome screen do not respond when clicked. 
    (Ref - 3083)
  35. In the French version of FrameMaker, the Word import feature result in a crash or the feature does not work properly.
    (Ref - 3464)
  36. When connected to Adobe Experience Manager 6.3, performing an advance search returns an error.
    (Ref - 3450)
  37. FrameMaker crashes on selecting an option in Set Pen Pattern or Set Fill Pattern for a table.
    (Ref - 3068)
  38. Multiple issues found when properties in a Paragraph Designer are changed while keeping most of the properties to As Is.
    (Ref - 3372)
  39. In Structured FrameMaker mode, incorrect default file type is shown in the file Open and Save As dialogs.
    (Ref - 3349)
  40. When browsing pages using the Go To Next Page or Go To Previous Page buttons in the status bar, the clicked button's label gets copied onto the Clipboard.
    (Ref - 3365)
  41. When the Element Boundaries (As Tags) option is turned on, FrameMaker crashes on collapsing tags.
    (Ref - 3283)
  42. Assigning space to a variable result in an error.
    (Ref - 3460)
  43. If a document contains invalid context-sensitive markers, FrameMaker freezes.
    (Ref - 3347)
  44. While using SAXON parser, XSLT messages are not displayed in the Console pod.
    (Ref - 2983)
  45. While performing XSLT on XML/DITA documents, some information about tables is lost.
    (Ref - 3490)
  46. In FrameMaker Publishing Server, running a publishing task with files containing missing graphics fails with an error Fail to open document.
    (Ref - 3425)
  47. An attempt to upload a folder named Content with subfolder named dam on Adobe Experience Manager results in failure.
    (Ref - 3409)
  48. For a set of files, the casing of TOC entries and files on the system is found to be out of sync.
    (Ref - 3520)
  49. In responsive HTML5 output generated from FrameMaker Publishing Server, backward slash is used in relative paths.
    (Ref - 3027)
  50. The information collection dialog, which appears on the first launch of FrameMaker, prevents FrameMaker Publishing Server to run a task.
    (Ref - 3268)
  51. The out-of-the-box version of Xalan has been upgraded from version 1.10 to 1.11.

Feature enhancement

Xerces version upgrade in FDK

The out-of-the-box version of Xerces was upgraded to 3.1 in Update 1. However, some APIs in FrameMaker used Xerces version 2.7. Now, with Update 2, all relevant APIs in FrameMaker have been upgraded to Xerces 3.1. If you are using any plug-in that depends on any other version of Xerces, then it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your plug-ins to use Xerces version 3.1.

Resolved issues

  1. While working on a document in Authoring mode, if user selects any text, the size of text increases in some cases.
    (Ref - 2493)
  2. Random crash noticed when an element is searched using the Find/Change pod.
    (Ref - 2953)
  3. When creating a custom toolbar, if toolbar’s icon image is not found, no message is displayed on the Console window and no default icon is shown in the toolbar.
    (Ref - 2545)
  4. On leaving a .fm file open for a long time in unstructured mode, the status bar displays incorrect values for the page number, paragraph style, and other information.
    (Ref - 2520)
  5. FrameMaker crashes on closing an active document while Edit System Variable pod is open.
    (Ref - 2899)
  6. While generating PDF with CYMK color settings, bold formatting is noticed for random fonts.
    (Ref - 2868)
  7. File Save dialog appears even when there are no unsaved DITA documents in the current session.
    (Ref - 2941)
  8. FrameMaker crashes if a filename containing special characters (% and ^) is published.
    (Ref - 2927)
  9. For a set of files, FrameMaker crashes when a .ditamap file is saved as PDF.
    (Ref - 2896)
  10. For a set of files, FrameMaker crashes on scrolling through the files.
    (Ref - 2816)
  11. For a set of files, FrameMaker crashes when a .fm file created in FrameMaker 11 is opened.
    (Ref - 2803)
  12. Opening a MIF file created in FrameMaker 11 results in a crash.
    (Ref - 2477)
  13. Changing the tab stop values while multiple cells in a table are selected results in a crash.
    (Ref - 2884)
  14. For a set of files converted from FrameMaker 10 to FrameMaker (2017 release) format, FrameMaker crashes when the converted files are opened in FrameMaker (2017 release).
    (Ref - 2813)
  15. If files containing spaces in their name are published as Basic HTML, then the links to those files is broken in the published output.
    (Ref - 2903)
  16. Search in responsive HTML5 output does not work when the help is published onRoboHelp Server.
    (Ref - 2894)
  17. When generating responsive HTML5 output, image size/resolution is reduced.
    (Ref - 2405)
  18. Using publish settings from FrameMaker (2015 release) to generate responsive HTML5 output throws an error message on opening the index.html file.
    (Ref - 2297)
  19. When an output containing dynamic HTML (drop-down or expanding text) effect is created, the icons associated with the text expansion and collapse are not aligned properly.
    (Ref - 2810)
  20. For a set of files containing dynamic HTML effects, the TOC does not get generated as expected.
    (Ref - 2809)
  21. In some cases, Character Designer applies incorrect formatting on selected text.
    (Ref - 2861)
  22. When custom multi-code commands are added in the menus.cfg file, only the first code in the command gets executed.
    (Ref - 2808)
  23. The StyleTag property of a graphic object is not exposed in ExtendScript.
    (Ref - 1423)
  24. API client initialization error message is not technically complete.
    (Ref - 2804)
  25. Extra spaces seen in the alert message shown on opening an invalid application definition file.
    (Ref - 2694)
  26. Alert message shown for unsaved DITA documents is technically incorrect.
    (Ref - 2518)
  27. A typo noticed in the Alerts section of the Preferences dialog.
    (Ref - 2357)
  28. The result of xsl:message in Xalan is not shown on the Console window.
    (Ref - 2437)
  29. Add/Edit Variable pod does not render correctly on a high-resolution display device.
    (Ref - 2773)
  30. The Edit Cross-Reference Format dialog is not resizable.
    (Ref - 2528)
  31. Overlapping labels noticed in element tags when a document is viewed along with document boundaries (View > Element Boundaries (As Tags)).
    (Ref - 2956)
  32. A custom zoom level cannot be specified in the zoom drop-down list.
    (Ref - 2460)
  33. Random memory leak issue noticed while working on large-sized XML files.
    (Ref - 2772)
  34. Fail to upload mobile app on PhoneGap build server.
    (Ref - 2759)
  35. When using the Browse URL dialog to open a file, an error message is displayed. Similarly, an error message is displayed on saving a file.
    (Ref - 2745)
  36. When connected to a WebDAV server using the Browse URL dialog, the file and folder structure on the server is not displayed.
    (Ref - 2724)
  37. When connected to an AEM repository using the Connection Manager, if a version label is added to a checked-in file, the label information is not stored.
    (Ref - 1504)
  38. In a particular case, updating DITA references results in deletion of link text.
    (Ref - 2687)
  39. When using the key-based content reference (Insert Conref dialog), the Conref End Element drop-down list does not get refreshed.
    (Ref - 2686)
  40. In a particular case, inserting content through DITA > Insert Conref results in loss of table attributes information.
    (Ref- 2061)
  41. Inconsistent table header and footer strings noticed in Add Rows or Column dialog.
    (Ref - 2409)
  42. A table created in DITA 1.2 document allocates more width for first column in comparison to others.
    (Ref - 2225)

Resolved issues

  1. Graphics toolbar cannot be docked horizontally.
    (Ref - 1994)
  2. User interface issues noticed in the Graphics toolbar.
    (Ref - 2191, 1901, 2440, 2439)
  3. The paragraph tags cannot be renamed.
    (Ref - 2132, 2363)
  4. FrameMaker does not allow customization of the Welcome screen.
    (Ref - 1358)
  5. Adding or editing a variable is done through a modal dialog.
    (Ref - 2458)
  6. For a particular case, FrameMaker crashes when a .fm file saved in 2017 format is saved again in .fm 2015 format.
    (Ref - 2366)
  7. Conditionalized index entry does not hide when the content (containing the index entry) is hidden using filters in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 2367)
  8. Incorrect FrameMaker Object Model version number appears in ExtendScript Toolkit.
    (Ref - 2316)
  9. Some minor issues noticed in running 508 compliance check on responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 2274)
  10. In some cases, GDI leak is noticed on using the Set Color feature for any graphic object.
    (Ref - 2361)
  11. FrameMaker changes the display format of DITA cross-references from Formatted to Text.
    (Ref - 2537)
  12. When the Show Default Topic option in the Ocean layout is turned off, then no topic is displayed when a link is clicked from the TOC.
    (Ref - 294)
  13. In the Indigo layout, tooltip of the remove favorite button is not correctly worded.
    (Ref - 386)
  14. Conditional Tag menu option is not present in the Insert menu in unstructured mode.
    (Ref - 2252)
  15. Search is not triggered on pressing the Enter key in the Repository Manager pod.
    (Ref - 2343)
  16. Height of the Conditional Text pod cannot be reduced beyond a certain limit.
    (Ref - 2177)
  17. Double separator appears under the Graphics > Tools menu.
    (Ref - 2155)
  18. Cannot insert images of CGM format.
    (Ref - 2183)
  19. Redundant alert messages shown on removing structure from a document.
    (Ref - 2158)
  20. Animated GIF does not render correctly in HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 1877)
  21. The Show Element Context dialog is not resizable.
    (Ref - 2131)
  22. While working on extended monitors, the command search drop-down list does not appear as expected.
    (Ref - 2510)
  23. In the paragraph and character designers, the Language selection drop-down displays the language names in their localized languages.
    (Ref - 2420)
  24. In some cases, redundant link tag entries found in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 2411)
  25. The File Open dialog does not list all supported file formats.
    (Ref - 2448)
  26. When Conditional Tags pod is aligned to the bottom of the screen, the last condition in the scrollable list is not displayed.
    (Ref - 2401)
  27. Unable to expand floating pods.
    (Ref - 1852)
  28. Missing scroll bar noticed when responsive HTML5 output generated using the Indigo layout is viewed in Safari (Sierra OS).
    (Ref - 2368)
  29. In some cases, FrameMaker’s user interface does not render correctly on high-resolution monitors where the scaling is set to 125% or 175%.
    (Ref - 2502)
  30. The Define Color Views dialog appears distorted on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref - 2364)
  31. The Equations editor does not scale appropriately on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref - 2370)
  32. Erroneous strings noticed in some localized user screens.
    (Ref - 1795)
  33. When a link of responsive HTML5 output is clicked from Google search results, the content is shown without layout.
    (Ref - 2546)
  34. In the Basic HTML output, no index.html file is generated for unstructured documents.
    (Ref - 239)
  35. Closing the advance search dialog in Repository Manager results in a crash.
    (Ref - 2233)
  36. Description for reordering master pages is not correctly mentioned in the Command Search result.
    (Ref - 1889)
  37. Saving a document in view only mode is missing.
    (Ref- 2427)
  38. MIF book parser fails to parse Unicode characters in filenames.
    (Ref - 2514)
  39. When a .slz file of 2015 release is imported in FrameMaker 2017 release, and a responsive HTML5 output is generated from it, the output does not appear correctly.
    (Ref - 2566)
  40. Renaming a project location adds unwanted characters in the location name.
    (Ref - 2421)
  41. The Smart catalog does not list the description along with the element name.
    (Ref - 2334)
  42. User interface issues noticed in the Sort Table dialog.
    (Ref - 1087)
  43. While publishing a document, if a paragraph style is mapped to <img> HTML tag, FrameMaker crashes.
    (Ref - 2422)
  44. Xerces versions 2.5.0 and 2.7.0 installed in Adobe FrameMaker 2015 version 13.x with update 5 is out of date.
    (Ref - 2102)


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