Why is there a double charge on my bill?

If you see a double charge on your bill, check for the following reasons.

Have you checked your last month’s payment?

If you see double charges in your current Adobe statement, it might be because we couldn’t process your last month's payment. The most common reason that a payment fails is when you change your credit card details, your bank declines the charge, your credit card has expired, or your account doesn't have sufficient funds. You should check with your bank to find out if there is an issue with the previous month's payment.

Did you recently purchase an Adobe product or service?

The double charge on your Adobe bill might be for a product or service you recently purchased. Or, you might have purchased a plan for someone else, like a family member. You can check your Plans page to view your purchased products and services.

Do you have multiple Adobe IDs?

Your Adobe ID is your email address. You might have purchased products separately under each Adobe ID if you have multiple email accounts. Check your Adobe account page for your email address.

Did you accidentally place an order twice?

You might have accidentally ordered something twice. For example, if you made a typo in your email address, you might have ordered again because you didn't receive the confirmation email. In such cases, both charges would show up in your statement. 

Did you cancel your Adobe membership?

If you cancel an annual membership, a cancellation fee may be charged as per the  subscription terms. This cancellation fee appears in your next bill. 

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