Bring your patterns to life using mockup templates

Show off your patterns by following these seven easy steps

With your preset in the Patterns panel, you can now easily apply your new pattern to a template image, such as the free Sweatshirt and Tshirt Mockups template.

Select a template
Select a template

  1. Choose File > New...

  2. Click the Print tab of the New Document dialog.

  3. Scroll down the list of templates and select Sweatshirt and Tshirt Mockups. Select this template and click Download.

    Once the download is complete, click Open to open the template into Photoshop.

  4. In the Sweatshirt layer group, click the visibility icon to hide the "Your graphic here" layer, select the "Change Sweatshirt color", add a new Pattern adjustment layer. 

    Prepare the Layers panel
    Prepare the Layers panel

  5. In the Pattern Fill dialog that pops up, select your pattern from the dropdown menu on the left and click OK.

    Select your pattern and click OK
    Select your pattern and click OK

  6. Hold the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows) and left-click the divider between the Pattern adjustment layer and the "Change Sweatshirt Color" layer to restrict or clip the pattern to the sweatshirt graphic.

  7. Finally, double-click the Pattern adjustment layer and adjust the Scale and Angle to suit your preference.

    Adjust the pattern and you're all set
    Adjust the Pattern and you're all set

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