Adobe Sign for Salesforce: Working with Agreements in Batch

You can create agreement records in batch using the Batch Agreements tab. You can select which Agreement Template to use, then enter a query to narrow down the records for the master object. When you click on the Create Agreements button, one agreement record will be created for each these queried records based on the Agreement Template you specify.

Create Agreements in Batch

To create agreements in batch:

1. Select Adobe Sign from the App Launcher at the top left of the window.

2. Click the Batch Agreements tab. If the tab is not displayed, use the tab drop-down on the right.

The Create Agreements in Batch page displays.

3. From the Select Agreement Template drop-down, select the agreement template to be used to create the batch agreements. The Master Object Type is populated based on the template selected.


4. In the Enter Records Query box, enter a query to narrow down the list of records that will be used to create an agreement record. The following are examples of queries:

Select all opportunities

○ SELECT Id from Opportunity

Select all leads which came from phone inquiries from Acme corp:

○ SELECT Id from Lead where LeadSource = 'Phone Inquiry' and Email LIKE ''

Select all contacts under accounts of type Prospect, created since yesterday and who have not opted out of emails.

○ SELECT Id from Contact where Type =  'Prospect' and CreateDate > YESTERDAY and HasOptedOutOfEmail = false

Select all leads from a 2014 Dreamforce campaign

○ SELECT Id from Lead where Campaign.Name = '2014 Dreamforce Campaign'


5. Click the Create Agreements button. A message about the batch submitted displays.

Once created and submitted, you can view the agreements in the Agreement object list view

  • Click the Agreements tab
  • Click the down arrow (▼) and selet ALL from the menu
Select All on the Agreements tab

All agreements are listed.

The column headers allow you to sort the agreements by Agreement Name or Status

All agreements listed

Send, Update and Manage Agreements in Batch

In the Agreement object list view, you now have the option to take batch actions (200 at a time on any agreement record). These actions include:

  • Change Owner
  • Cancel Agreement
  • Delete Agreement
  • Send Agreement
  • Send Reminder
  • Update Agreement


If you are using v18 or earlier of the Adobe Sign for Salesforce package, the first step to managing agreements in bulk is to expose the button options listed above.  (Version 19 has these options configured by default)

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Build > Create > Objects
  2. Click the label for the Agreement object
Nav to Objects in SFDC


   3. Click the Search Layouts link at the top of the page to skip to that section


   4. Click the Edit link for the Agreement List View

Search Layouts panel


   5. Select the batch update buttons you want to add to your Agreements list and Add them to the Selected Buttons section

   6. Click Save

Agreements List View


To manipulate multiple Agreements:

   1. Click the Agreements tab to open the Agreements List.

   2. Click the down arrow (▼) and selet ALL from the menu

Select All on the Agreements tab

   3. Select each of the agreements you want to take action on.  

○ Checking the box at the top next to Agreement Name selects all of the records on the current view.

   4. Click the action to be taken


Certain actions will not be allowed. For example, you cannot cancel an agreement that is already signed. You cannot send an agreement that is already sent. If you try to take these actions, you will see an error appear on the agreement record page

Bulk change option menus

After clicking the action link, the page refreshes to a summary of the action, and the included agreements.

  5. Click Submit to execute the action

Verification page

After clicking the button, you may be challenged to verify you really want to take this action.  Click OK if you do.


A post-action message will appear verifying the action is processing

Success message.


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