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Hybrid workflows

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A “Hybrid” workflow is an instance of the sequential participation order where one or more of the steps includes two or more recipients gaining access to the document at the same time. All of the signers/approvers of the “parallel” step will need to complete their part before the sequential process moves to the next step.


Hybrid workflows are only available at the enterprise tier of service.


For example, in the above image we have a three step signature cycle:

  • Step 1 is fclarke@gmail.com. When the agreement is sent out for signature, only fclarke will be notified. Once fclarke signs the document, we proceed to the next step.
  • Step 2 is the hybrid step. You can see that all three recipients are given the same number (2), and this means that Adobe Acrobat Sign will notify all of these recipients at the same time.  They can apply their signatures in any order, but all of them must complete their part before the signature cycle moves to the next step.
  • Step 3 is another individual recipient, but this time they are defined as an Approver (the check icon vs the pen tip). Once the “Step 3” recipient applies their approval, the agreement is completed, it is fully executed, and all parties will be notified with a copy of the agreement in PDF format.

To create a hybrid group, enter the email addresses of each party as if they were individual recipients, and then click and drag the recipient field over another one in the hybrid group. You will see on screen the message that you are creating a parallel group. Manually changing the index numbers to the same value will also create the hybrid group.


Configuration options

The only configuration option for hybrid workflows is to enable or disable the feature at the account or group level.

To enable or disable the feature, navigate to Account Settings > Send Settings > Signing Order

Enable hybrid routing


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