Bring your text to life with elements from Adobe Stock and animation styles from After Effects.

Find the perfect image

Search Adobe Stock for a captivating image that corresponds to your text.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘surreal radio’ shown in search field.

Create more pixels to fill the screen

After resizing the image, rasterize the Smart Object and use Content Aware Fill to fill the canvas with its background.

Photoshop file of the radio with the Content Aware Fill panel open and the selection area set to fill.

Add a mask to the type

Use the Select Subject feature to select the radio, then inverse the selection and apply a Layer Mask to the type layer.

Photoshop file of the radio with Properties panel open and selected area using Select Subject tool.

Open the Photoshop file directly in After Effects

Click the New Composition from Footage button, locate your PSD file and select Composition as the Import Kind.

After Effects file showing the PSD being imported as a New Composition from Footage and Import Kind set to Composition.

Apply an animation effect

Search for the Wave Warp effect in the Effects and Presets panel, then drag-and-drop it directly onto the type layer.

Image of radio and word ‘static’ in After Effects with Effects and Presets panel open and Wave Warp animated effect applied.

Adjust the properties for the effect

Set the Wave Type to Noise in the Effect Controls panel, then adjust the Wave Width and Wave Height values.

Image of radio and word ‘static’ with Wave Width and Wave Height adjustments applied to create a static looking effect.

Duplicate the effect to intensify the movement

Duplicate the Effect and change the Wave Type to Sawtooth, and then adjust the width and height of the effect to something less dramatic.

Image of radio and word STATIC with duplicate Wave Warp effect and adjust to more or less intense.

Render your project

Add the composition to the Adobe Media Encoder Queue and choose the format, preset, and location before rendering.

For additional information on encoding and exporting for video, visit the export settings reference for Adobe Media Encoder.

Adobe Media Encoder Queue interface with chosen format, preset and location for the final rendering of the Composition.

The final result

Now you have an enticing animation that brings your imagery and messaging together.

A  wall-mounted TV with vintage radio and pink and blue neon colors and the word ‘static’ in an effect that looks like static .

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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