Amp up your creative marketing with unique techniques that add depth and dimension to your imagery using Photoshop for iPad.

Search for a stylish photo

Search for “fashion metropolitan” in Adobe Stock to find a striking image, then save it your Creative Cloud library.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘fashion metropolitan’ shown in search field

Add your own personal touch to the image

Using Photoshop for iPad, trace and sketch over the image to create a unique style for your promotion. When you’ve completed your drawing, export your project as a PSD file.

Photo of a woman loaded into Photoshop on the iPad with a hand tracing over the image using the brush tool

Find a handwritten font

Search for “handwriting” on the Adobe Fonts website, then click Activate to enable the font on your computer.

Adobe Fonts website shown in browser with ‘handwriting’ Shabby Chic Regular font

Bring it all together in InDesign

Place the modified image into your poster layout with InDesign. With the image selected, use the Object Layer Options feature from the Object menu to hide the sketch layer.

Text selected in InDesign with the Font Menu visible as the handwriting font is applied to the selection

Show and hide layers to separate the artwork

Duplicate the photo layer in InDesign and use the Object Layer Options to show your sketch as the top layer.

The Object Layer Options dialog box is opened in InDesign revealing the layers available in the placed Photoshop document

The final result

Now you have a poster design that combines modern design trends with your own unique style.

A poster design featuring a photo of a woman with a superimposed line drawing of the same woman

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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