Enable logging in the Adobe Connect application for desktop for versions 9 and 10.

The Adobe Connect application for desktop or Adobe Connect 8 meeting add-in has a built-in debugging feature. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled when required.


Adobe Technical Support sometimes asks you to enable logging to assist them in troubleshooting a support request.

To enable logging in the application for desktop, follow the instructions below for the appropriate operating system:

Windows: Download the attached mms.zip file to the workstation where you want to enable logging. Extract the mms.cfg file and place a copy in: C:/Windows/system32/Macromed/Flash (32-bit Windows) and C:/Windows/SysWOW64/Macromed/Flash (64-bit Windows).

Download mms.cfg file to generate the logs on Windows OS.


Mac OS: Download the mms.zip file to the workstation where you want to enable logging. Extract the file into this directory: MainDisk:Library:Application Support:Macromedia

Download mms.cfg file to generate the logs on mac OS


Ubuntu: No mms file is required; the log is created automatically

Adobe Connect creates the log file the first time that you enter a meeting room. By default, the log file is named adobeconnectaddin.log, and is created in the following folders:

  • C:/Users/{user}\Documents (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • MainDisk:Users: (Mac OS)
  • ~/ (Ubuntu)

The following configuration parameters can be edited in the mms.cfg file to control the logging functionality. Enable the SingleFileLogging parameter in mms.cfg file.

Log file entry
0 to disable, 1 to enable logging.

0 for multiple log files, 1 for a single log file.

When set for multiple log files, the log filenames are appended with a timestamp. Therefore, there can be logs for multiple instances of the application. For every application, it creates a log file.

Note: Multiple instances of the application are supported only on Windows.

Number of kilobytes limit to the log file. Default is 1024 (1 MB).


To get a good performance, enable logging only for debugging purposes. When not required, disable logging.

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