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Use this article to learn how to work with extensions in Animate.

Extensions allow you to add new features and capabilities to several Adobe products, including Animate. Some of these capabilities include user interface components, ActionScript classes, libraries, and Help files.

Install plugins and extensions for Animate and other Creative Cloud apps

You can install plugins or extensions for Animate and other Creative Cloud applications by following the instructions available at install plugins and extensions for Creative Cloud apps.

Install ZXP extensions using Extension Install Utility

If you cannot install your extension using the Creative Cloud desktop app and have zxp files, click here and follow the instructions to install it with an Extension Install Utility.

Troubleshoot extension installation

You can occasionally experience difficulty while trying to install an extension. Several factors can disrupt or prevent a successful installation. Below is a list of possible issues and suggested solutions.

Successful installation but extensions are not loaded

When there is difference in system locale and Animate installed locale, extension files copied to system locale folder in preferences directory. If user gets successful installation message in creative cloud application or Manage Extension Utility but extensions are not loading in Animate, check the following location:

  • On Windows:  C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate 2019\
  • On Mac : /Users/[username]/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Animate 2019/

If it contains two locale folders then copy the contents of Commands and WindowSWF folder from system locale folder to App locale folder e.g. en_AU (system locale) , en_US (Animate locale)

  • Copy following folders (if exist)     
  • Copy the contents of en_AU\Configuration\Commands\ to en_US\Configuration\Commands\     
  • Copy the contents of en_AU\Configuration\WindowSWF\ to en_US\Configuration\WindowSWF
  • Start Animate and check extensions.

Corrupt download

An incomplete transfer can result in a corrupt install file, or a newer version of the extension could have been posted to the Exchange. Try downloading the extension again.

Incorrect platform

All extensions for Animate are ZXP files. However, most extensions have separate versions for Windows and Mac OS. Select the proper file for your operating system before downloading the extension.

Extension incompatibility

Make sure that the extension is designed to work on your platform. Some extensions are designed for only one operating system rather than for both. Note any requirements for the extension on the download page.

Extension problems

When there is trouble with a specific extension, users often post messages to each other and to the extension's developer. These problems are discussed in the Animate Exchange Extensions section of the Animate community . Before posting, become familiar with the general etiquette and procedures of using the community.

If you need assistance with a particular extension, most developers also post contact or support information along with their extensions.

Non-English versions of Animate 

Animate extensions can be created to work with localized languages. However, many developers have not localized their extensions and the extension can install in a non-localized folder. 

System conflicts

If you still have problems installing an extension, try to eliminate any system conflicts that can interfere with the Extension installer, such as shutting down all running applications and background processes that could be causing the conflict.

Additional information

For general troubleshooting information about extensions, see Extension Help on the main Exchange page.


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