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Learn how to edit an SWF file from Dreamweaver in Animate.

Edit a SWF file from Dreamweaver in Animate

If you have both Animate and Dreamweaver installed, you can select a SWF file in a Dreamweaver document and use Animate to edit it. Animate does not edit the SWF file directly; it edits the source document (FLA file) and re‑exports the SWF file.

  1. In Dreamweaver, open the Property inspector (Window > Properties).
  2. In the Dreamweaver document, do one of the following:
    • Click the SWF file placeholder to select it; then in the Property inspector click Edit.

    • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) the placeholder for the SWF file, and select Edit With Flash from the context menu.

      Dreamweaver switches the focus to Animate, and Animate attempts to locate the Flash authoring file (FLA) for the selected SWF file. If Animate cannot locate the Flash authoring file, you are prompted to locate it.


    If the FLA file or SWF file is locked, check out the file in Dreamweaver.

  3. In Animate, edit the FLA file. The Animate Document window indicates that you are modifying the file from within Dreamweaver.

  4. When you finish making edits, click Done.

    Animate updates the FLA file, re‑exports it as a SWF file, closes, and then returns the focus to the Dreamweaver document.


    To update the SWF file and keep Animate open, in Animate select File > Update for Dreamweaver.

  5. To view the updated file in the document, click Play in the Dreamweaver Property inspector or press F12 to preview your page in a browser window.
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